Job Description :

Sr. DevOps Automation Engineer
Cary NC

The Sr. DevOps Automation Engineer will design, develop, maintain, and support new or existing build and automation processes in support of Cloud readiness and Maintenance without Disruption. Responsibilities include the ability to identify areas for process automation improvement, automate existing and new processes, maintain, and deploy cloud infrastructure, and support the Agile software development lifecycle build process.

Essential functions:


Design, build, deploy, and maintain system automation in the cloud, supporting both project and operational infrastructure needs

Lead automation and provisioning of storage, compute, and network resources

Leverage, support, and advocate the use of a configuration management tools for infrastructure automation across multiple environments

Deploy and configure services needed to meet operational & project objectives

Assist in automation and maintenance of CI/CD toolset and process; help diagnose build failures and identify root cause as needed

Conduct necessary analysis, design, and prepare technical documentation for new toolsets and processes

Experience managing an automation framework that addresses concerns such as access control, change management, monitoring/logging of changes, self-service, case management integration, etc.

Experience in leveraging tools to decrease build/backup/disaster recovery times, including host update/configuration for continued automation of system upkeep

Experience in creating secure environments and provide for continued validation and remediation, up to and including PCI-DSS compliance and tailoring file creation/usage.

Experience and ability to create playbooks and modules to perform automation (Ansible / Python)

Expertise in Amazon AWS Cloud services like EC2, S3, EBS, VPC, ELB, AMI, SNS, RDS, IAM, Route 53, Glacier, Auto scaling, CloudFront, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, Cloud Formation, Elastic Beanstalk, OPS

Work, Amazon Lambda, Security Groups.

Experience in migrating On-premises infrastructure to AWS and involved in virtualization.

Expertise in AMQ Brokers

Experience with AWS Serverless services as Lambda functions for container Deployment and orchestration.

Experience in using CloudFormation template for reliable provisioning of initial infrastructure (stacks) like IAM roles & policies, S3 buckets and bucket backups on AWS.

Experience in orchestration of Docker Images and Containers using Kubernetes by creating whole master and minion. Installed artifactory-HA on-top of Kubernetes for dynamic PVC provisioning.

Experience in Building and deploying the application code using CLI of Kubernetes like kubectl, kubelet,

kubeadm, Kubespray and Schedule the jobs using kube-scheduler. Managed K8s charts using Helm and created reproducible builds of the Kubernetes applications.

Should have experience in the helm repository created helm charts out of the configured yaml scripts.

Should have experience in creating Grafana Dashboards for monitoring the Kubernetes cluster using Prometheus for gauging the Availability of the API sever, scheduling rate of the Scheduler and using

PromQL quires for specific metric.

Should have experience in managing Ansible Tower, Playbooks with Ansible roles, group variables, inventory files, copy and remove files on remote systems using file module.

Should have experience in an Orchestration & Migration of CI/CD processes using CloudFormation, Terraform Templates & Containerization of Infrastructure using Docker, which was set up in AWS EKS.

Should have experience in working with Terraform key features such as Infrastructure as a code (IaaS), Execution plans, Resource Graphs, Change Automation and extensively used Auto scaling launch

configuration templates for launching amazon EC2 instances while deploying microservices.

Should have extensively worked on Jenkins by installing, configuring and maintaining the purpose of Continuous Integration (CI) and for End-to-End automation for all build and deployments implementing

CI/CD for database using Jenkins in Groovy.

Should have hands-on experience using MAVEN as build tools for the building of deployable artifacts (jar,

ear & war) from the source and static code analysis using SonarQube.

Should have experience in building a shared library that is been used across our organization for CI/CD. Installed and configured Jenkins using IAAC and JCACS in a Kubernetes environment.

Should have experience in Jenkins integration with SonarQube checkmark back dock Nexus Ansible. Involved in troubleshooting and fixing build and deployment in Jenkins

Should have experience in branching, tagging, and maintaining the version across the environments using SCM tools like Git, GitHub, Subversion (SVN) and TFS on Linux and Windows platforms.

Should have good knowledge on Installation and Configuration of Nexus repository manager for sharing the artifacts within the company and efficient in using Nexus and Artifact Repository managers for Maven


Experience in Monitoring server performance with tools, Datadog and resolved network related issues with manual commands and Implemented centralized logging management using ELK (Elasticsearch,

Logstash, and Kibana) within EC2/ ELB for Elasticsearch.

Experience in Monitoring environments for performance degradation, faults, alarms, and errors.

Be available for non-business hours support and afterhours work, including on-call rotation when necessary.

Knowledge/Skills & Experience:

Ability to provide technical expertise to others and explain concepts with technical staff and senior leadership team (as needed)

Ability to balance priorities while working with and supporting multiple teams

Ability to operate independent of supervision with accuracy and attention to detail

Experience in deploying, designing and illustrating process automation flows

Ability to communicate and follow up professionally (written and oral) both internally and externally within the organization

Demonstrated ability to identify and resolve issues effectively

Understand and leverage Agile software development methodology

Strong understanding of deployment processes, deployment environments, production application trouble shooting techniques etc.

Experience with cloud architecture/infrastructure and container-driven development tools (such as Docker and Kubernetes)

3+ years of Terraform experience

2+ years of Packer experience

2+ years of Ansible experience

3+ years of AWS experience

3+ years of Docker experience

2+ years of Kubernetes experience

3+ years upgrading and patching environments

Education & Experience:

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent field and 5+ years of technical experience

Familiarity with Linux and Windows running in physical and virtual VMware environments

Understanding of deployment build tools e.g Git, Nexus, Jenkins, and Maven, etc.

Familiarity with Vmware, Redhat

Certification in AWS is a MUST

Certification as Terraform Associate is a PLUS


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