Job Description :
Role: Sr. Data Analyst (FHIR)
Location: Des Moines, IA (Remote)
Duration: 24 months
Need Consultants on our w2 only
Required for the role:

Data analyst with FHIR, or someone with HL7 or interoperability experience.
Looking for 2 Data Analyst to join Wellmarks onshore lead and offshore Data Analyst for our FHIR Project
1. One to help assist with the "Wellmark dialect" (source), and map all that out for the dev team.
2. One to data expert on FHIR (target) and map this out with the IICS team leads

Must haves:
CAI experience
Data mapping experience
AWS/ redshift experience
Transformation logic experience
Some examples of transformation logic questions would be:
1. Give me an example of something you have worked with stakeholders to define transformation logic.
a. Potential answer: to create a derived field in a data warehouse (like a Y/N flag based on information from two other existing source system fields)
2. Give me an example of a complex transformation logic you documented for data movement in a warehouse environment
a. Potential answer: adding a new derived field in a data warehouse using a case statement, case [field] when [field = x], then “category”
b. Potential answer: adding a new derived field in data warehouse using a left string, where we are taking x number of characters from an existing field and putting them in a new field

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