Job Description :

Job Title: SQL Developer Level II

Location: Hartford, CT

Duration: 6 Months

Note: Selected candidates need to be on board Onsite. They need to pick their on- boarding documents and equipment manually. No expenses will be paid for travelling

Job Description:

The client is in need of an individual to support migrating our legacy Microsoft Access Applications to Microsoft SQL Server. The department has roughly a dozen IT supported Access applications that were built by business units over the last 20 years (pre-Access 2013). Some of these applications support mission critical business functions and are beginning to have compatibility issues with newer versions of Access (2019 & O365). These applications have previously had the

front-end split from the backend. This position will be fully remote and the individual selected will be provided a virtual machine they can RDP into with the necessary tools to complete their work. The responsibilities of this position are listed below.

Migrate Access backends to SQL Server

Update existing front ends to point to new data sources (SQL Server)

Modify front-end VBA code as needed based on any changes to DB structure during the data migration (ex: data type changes)

Modify VBA code to allow for use with either 32-bit or 62-bit versions of Office

Provide guidance and mentorship to other development staff who will be working on this effort as needed

Work with apps hosting team to optimize and streamline how Access databases are setup and accessed on users virtual desktops

Will work under the immediate supervision of and will report to the IT Supervisor

Coordinate with Business staff for testing/validation of changes

Provide documentation of implemented changes

Any applicants should have a demonstrated ability to work well in a team environment and should have previous experience converting Access databases to SQL Server. In addition, the candidate should have excellent written and oral communication skills.

Required/Desired Skills

Skill Matrix

Skill Matrix


Years of Experience

Overall IT Experience

Communication (1 - 10)

Microsoft Access

Microsoft SQL Server


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