Job Description :
The Contractor shall be required to furnish all material, labor, tools, supplies, equipment, and all services required to provide, as stated herein. The contractor must submit qualified resumes for consultants that can perform the specifications below.
3.1 The engagement consists of a thorough assessment and resolution of issues found in the current HCC Auxiliary Applications server environment, which includes over 40 Windows and SQL servers of varying versions and configurations. It also includes the development, documenting of a new Windows and SQL database server Maintenance, Support Plan, and design specification for a new enterprise SQL Server configuration.
The SQL/Windows Admin will be required to provide:
  • Assessment of current ASAS Windows and SQL database servers and environment.
  • Provision of a documented comprehensive audit report using the best practices.
  • Remediation of all trouble spots and issues discovered in the Windows and SQL database server environments.
  • Development of documentation for a new Windows and SQL database server’s maintenance and support plan.
  • Includes backups, server updates, and security patching schedule.
  • Coordination of IT Security vulnerability remediations.
  • Monitor and maintain the health of Windows and SQL server environments to minimize outages.
  • Review of custom enterprise database solutions and develop new design specifications.
  • Documentation of Windows and SQL database server’s processes and procedures.
  • Mentor current server administrators using best practices.

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