Job Description :

Spark / Scala Developer 

Spark / Scala Developer : Full Time
Pennington, NJ/Charlotte, NC

• We are looking for a Spark developer who knows how to fully exploit the potential of our Spark cluster.
• You will clean, transform, and analyze vast amounts of raw data from various systems using Spark to provide ready-to-use data to our feature developers and business analysts.
• This involves both ad-hoc requests as well as data pipelines that are embedded in our production environment.
• Responsibilities
• Create Scala/Spark jobs for data transformation and aggregation
• Produce unit tests for Spark transformations and helper methods
• Write Scala doc-style documentation with all code
• Design data processing pipelines
you can submit Visa Dependent candidates as well
• Scala (with a focus on the functional programming paradigm)
• Scalatest, JUnit, Mockito {{ , Embedded Cassandra }}
• Apache Spark 2.x
• {{ Apache Spark RDD API }}
• {{ Apache Spark SQL DataFrame API }}
• {{ Apache Spark MLlib API }}
• {{ Apache Spark GraphX API }}
• {{ Apache Spark Streaming API }}
• Spark query tuning and performance optimization
• SQL database integration {{ Microsoft, Oracle, Postgres, and/or MySQL }}
• Experience working with {{ HDFS, S3, Cassandra, and/or DynamoDB }}
• Deep understanding of distributed systems (e.g. CAP theorem, partitioning, replication, consistency, and consensus)


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