Job Description :
 • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Information Systems, Computer Science or other technical degree.
 • Minimum of 7 years financial industry or software delivery experience .
 • Minimum of 5 years in a technical environment including application development and testing.
 • Knowledge of application development services using the following technologies (Java, SQL, Oracle,
 XML, Web Services, AWS, etc.).
 • Excellent client facing and presentation skills.
 • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
 • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills.
 • Excellent project management and organizational skills.
 • Knowledge of Experian solutions and/ or competitor solutions preferred
  Solution Ownership
 · Delivery Lead
 · Contract / Statement of Work (SOW) / Professional Services Engagements (PSE)
 · Process Management
 · Project Schedules (project tasks, realignment based on internal and/or client delays, new
 client requirements, etc.)
 · Client Interaction (voice to the client)
 · Client Expectations
 · Internal Interactions (calls, summaries, client documented details in turnover document,
 client issues, design issues, sales issues, risk assessment, management notification, etc.)
 · Meeting Facilitation
  Roles and Responsibilities
 · Lead, Guide, Educate Client and Delivery team on the client’s objectives and solution.
 · Provide Industry and Business expertise to design optimum software solutions.
 · Conduct Product Overviews to educate client on product and terminology.
 · Ensure the solution meets the client’s overall business objectives.
 · Assist clients with short/long term strategic goals (consulting for solution design or
 strategies, solution enhancements, etc.).
 · Acquire and expand Experian software product knowledge (features, functionality, etc.)
 to support solution and strategy design.
 · Project Responsibilities
 o Utilize project templates
 o Follow internal processes and procedures (e.g., meeting debriefs, auditing,
 internal reviews, etc.).
 o Customize, if required, Business Information Request Document for client
 o Develop Business Requirement Document (BRD).
 o Customize Functional Specifications Information Request Document (FIR) for
 client distribution (BIA input required – layout template, etc.).
 o Develop Strategy Design Document (SDD). This document is embedded in the
 Functional Specifications.
 o Develop and distribute required turnover documents to the Business
 Implementation Analyst for FSD and development.

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