Job Description :
Solution Architect Documentum, Captiva Development -

Technical background and experience in Documentum and Captiva development. 2. Ability to consult management and engineering teams with technical advice. In particular, Business analysis, Project management, IT architecture, infrastructure, cloud development, Engineering, software architecture design, DevOps.3. Communication skills which involves Interpreting and corresponding to the needs of all involved parties, explaining related risks, Keeping in touch with stakeholders, Handling product delivery, Closely interacting with development teams, related enterprise/software architects, business analysts, etc.4. Deep analytical skills and the ability to see the connections between layers of business operations like Addressing the needs of the corporate strategy, Understanding the specifics of the technology, Understanding how different parts of the business operation are connected with each other and how business processes achieve their goals.6. Coordinate and present proposals as needed7. Coordinate the establishment of program standards and program specific procedures with team leads.Certifications include:EMC Proven Professional Cloud architect training and certification