Job Description :
Role: Software Quality Engineer Location: Kansas City, MO Local Preferred Position Overview: SBS Production Releases The State Based Systems (SBS) team has a monthly production release cycle which typically includes enhancements and fixes to SBS applications. Production releases may also occur as needed and when ready for our microservice code changes. Prior to a release, various types and levels of testing are performed such as functionality, integration, end-to-end, user acceptance, load and performance, and regression testing. Testing may be executed manually and/or via automated test scripts. SBS State Implementations Currently, 29 States/Jurisdictions utilize the SBS system. In 2021, two more States will start utilizing the SBS system. In 2022, another two States will be implemented. The process of implementing states, includes tasks such as data mapping, data migration/copies, database configuration set-up, potential customizations, potential enhancements, user set-up, and training. Various type and levels of testing is involved, but more focus is centered around data verification, regression testing, user acceptance testing, and load and performance testing. PRIMARY FUNCTIONS TOOLS & SKILLS Planning Identifying, driving out, and getting clarification around requirements and acceptance criteria. Defining test strategies, test plans, test coverage, test scenarios, test priorities. JIRA, ALM, Trello Scripting Creating, updating, and enhancing manual test cases or automated test scripts. ALM, IntelliJ (Java), Selenium, SQL Developer, GitLab Execution Executing functional, end-to-end, and regression test cases or automated test scripts. ALM, IntelliJ, GitLab, Soap UI, SQL Developer Analysis Analyze test results from manual or automated testing. ALM, GitLab, SauceLabs Reporting Report on testing dependencies, risks, impediments, status, and issues identified from testing. ALM, JIRA, Slack Knowledge Sharing Presenting test accomplishments at System Demos, sharing testing information across scrum teams and/or within the QA team. N/A Cross Training Cross-training other Scrum Team members or QA team members with regard to SBS service areas and test-related items. N/A Mentorship Mentor entry-level SQEs and Interns where requested. N/A ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS | ALL SQEs Frequency SAFe Program Increment (PI) Planning clarifying questions around enhancement requests and acceptance criteria Collaboration with your scrum team to plan out work across 4 sprints Communicate and collaborate on cross-scrum team dependencies Communicate sprint plans with other scrum teams Planning is 2 days and occurs every 10wks. SAFe System Demos Demonstrate sprint changes to the Product Owner (PO) prior to the System Demo Assist the PO with preparing for the System Demo (e.g. set-up test data) Gather information from other scrum team demos that can be applied towards testing your scrum team changes if/where impacted Demos are 1-2hrs and occur after each sprint. SAFe Innovation & Planning (IP) Iteration Facilitate or participate in cross-training across scrum teams or within the QA team Facilitate or participate in knowledge-sharing " " " " Create and/or update test plans and/or test cases if needed Create and/or update automated test scripts if needed Iteration is 2wks and starts after the last sprint in a PI. SAFe Inspect & Adapt Participate in the PI retrospective Collaborate with team members to identifying improvement opportunities, potential solutions, and potential action items/plans 2-4hrs event and occurs some time during the IP Iteration. Agile Daily Scrum Participate in the daily scrum with your scrum team where you will discuss your plans for the day, observations, dependencies, and/or impediments Tu-Th for ~15min. Agile Backlog Refinement Participate in refining tickets in the backlog to further detail out requirements, acceptance criteria, and test scenarios Participate in story pointing the refined tickets 1-2hrs occurs bi-weekly. Agile Sprint Planning Participate in planning work for sprints and make adjustments where needed since planning the rough draft of the team's sprints during PI Planning Discuss sprint work priorities, dependencies, and risks 1-2hrs occurs bi-weekly. Agile Sprint This is the "execution" of the sprint: Ask clarifying questions around requirements, acceptance criteria, test scenarios, and test findings Perform functionality testing of ticket enhancements or bug fixes Perform regression testing in support of each ticket where applicable Perform regression testing in support of the overall sprint and/or release Provide test results to the scrum team Communicate to the scrum team of issues identified during testing Collaborate on scrum team sign-of of a sprint or release See primary functions below for more test execution details based on the SQE's role. Each sprint is 2wks and there are 4 sprints total in a PI. Note Product Releases typically occur every 4 weeks or after 2 sprints. Agile Scrum Team Retrospective Participate in your scrum team's retrospective and discuss what went well and improvement opportunities Complete your assigned action items from the retrospective where applicable 1hr occurs after each sprint. Quality Assurance Advisory Group (QAAG) Participate in QA Team Meetings where we discuss administrative/company topics, general QA topics, knowledge-sharing, training opportunities, cross-team dependencies, and cross-team impacts with regard to testing. 30m-1hr occurs bi-weekly. Requirement: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, IT, or a related field with at least 3 years of related work experience.

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