Job Description :
Role: IT - Software Quality Assurance 1 76379
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Duration: 34 months
Local to AZ candidates apply
Job Description :
The Phoenix Fire Department Technical Services section is currently managing a project to modernize its Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. The project has a goal of replacing the current CAD system with a new solution optimized for the Fire Department and all of its 27 partners jurisdictions. The CAD Project will also replace the Mobile Computing Terminal (MCT) software that is utilized by over 600 first responder apparatus throughout the valley. The
CAD Project initiated in July 2020 and is scheduled to last for 34 months. The Technical Services section is seeking a QA and Testing Coordinator to assist with the preparation of Operational and System Validation scenarios
and then track of the progress of these scenarios with each software release cycle from the vendor. These scenarios will be used by the CAD Project Team to ensure that the new CAD and MCT software is meeting technical and
functional requirements. Effectively executing the scenarios will be a play a pivotal role towards user acceptance of the new software and to ensure that the vendor is meeting the needs of the Fire Department.
The job duties and responsibilities of the QA and Testing Coordinator include the following:
Work with the CAD Support Team to ensure Operational Scenarios and system validation documentation is created
Work with the members of the Phoenix Fire Department Regional Dispatch Center to assist in the creation of Operational Scenarios that are relevant to Fire dispatchers
Work with representatives from the Phoenix Fire Department and Regional Partners to assist in the creation of Operational Scenarios that are relevant to the new MCT software
Facilitate the updating of Operational Scenarios for each software release in accordance with the project schedule
Maintain the Operational Scenarios as they are updated and refined for the CAD Project
Track and create reports on outcomes of all software testing related to the CAD Project
Participate in all relevant CAD Project meetings
Maintain an understanding of the contract deliverables related to the Operational Scenarios and System Acceptance for each software release and final acceptance
Communicate any opportunities, issues or recommendations related to testing to the CAD Project Team
Candidates should have three years of responsible experience in a corporate or public environment where they performed duties as a Quality Assurance Coordinator, Testing Facilitator or Tester or a similar role. Additionally,
a bachelor''s degree in information technology or a related field is required. Other combinations of experience and education that meet the minimum requirements may be substituted.
The ideal candidate would have experience or skills with the following:
Excellent time management skills and problem-solving skills
Proficiency in word processing and presentation software
Ability to operate media equipment such as projectors and personal computers
Knowledge about testing and validation methods and techniques
Exceptional organization skills and interpersonal skills
Ability to work with a team and have attention to detail
Effective and strong skills in written and verbal communication
This position works at the Phoenix Fire Department Administration Facility located at 150 South 12th Street.