Job Description :
Job Title: Software Engineer - NLP & AI/ML Location: San Jose, CA Long Term Contract Strong background in statistics and machine learning is required, preferably with 3-5 years of industry experience in AI/ML or related fields General knowledge and expertise in end-to-end data science techniques, with an ability to wear many hats in the development process Well versed in various Natural Language Processing (NLP) methodologies including Word Embeddings, Text Clustering and Classification, using Deep Learning and other conventional machine learning Ability to do exploratory analysis on big data and find key descriptive and inferential properties in large and diverse datasets Focus on rapid and effective execution of data science with a focus on both delivering value and applying the latest methods from AI (deep learning, NLP, Causal inference methods for observational data sets) Strong programming skills in Python (2+ years), with an ability to manipulate large and complex datasets using distributed computing technologies (e.g., Apache Spark) A knowledge of cloud services and developing data science projects on cloud services (e.g. GCP, AWS) Experience with building Machine Learning models and working with libraries like Scikit, Tensorflow or FastText Software development methodologies and tools (unit and system testing, code reviews, Git) Familiarity with NoSQL database, experience with an ETL framework like Airflow Self-motivated and fast learner Excellent communication, presentation, interpersonal and analytical skills

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