Job Description :
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* Position Role

Software Engineer (Front end developer)

* Base Location

RTP, North Carolina, 27709

* Primary Skill 1 (Must have skill)

Python (Python 3),

Linux (RHEL, CentOS, Fedora), version control systems (Git)

Skill2 (Should have skill)

Linux (RHEL, CentOS, Fedora), version control systems (Git)

Skill details

The following technical and professional expertise is required:

Knowledge of HTML5 and Semantic HTML, JavaScript, CSS3, CSS-extension languages like Less & Sass (SCSS), TypeScript a plus
Using popular front end frameworks like React, Vue, AngularJS, Angular, Ember.js etc
Creating responsive UIs and implementing zero-data designs
Knowledge of CSS Grid & Flexbox
Measuring performance and optimizing front-end applications using tools like Lighthouse,
Working with automated testing frameworks such as Mocha, Chai, Karma, Jest, Selenium/Webdriver, Phantom/Slimer and services such as Sauce Labs and BrowserStack
Bundling and optimizing code using tools like webpack
Writing code that performs partial page updates, and makes requests to APIs using AJAX or fetch
Knowledge of cross-browsers compatibility. Familiarity with CanIUse, modernizr and polyfills.

The following technical and professional expertise is preferred and will greatly enhance your success on the team:

With component frameworks like Carbon and Material Design Lite (MDL) a plus
Knowledge of webSockets, web workers and NodeJS
Experience with server-side rendering and writing/using isomorphic code/libraries
Creating fault-tolerant and resilient applications
Experience with GraphQL, gRPC and libraries like Apollo
Working in a high-performance, continuous delivery environment with tools like TravisCI, Jenkins
Using templating libraries and formats like Handlebars and JSX
Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience.

* Job Description

Responsibilities will include:

Producing solutions that excel at performance, reliability and web scalability
Complete coding, testing, defect fixes, and production support, using agile CI/CD methodologies
Analyzing current code and existing design with the goal of enacting improvements geared towards making components and processes more efficient for the entire team
Planning iterations and representing accomplishments at team scrums
Presenting individual and team status during weekly playbacks or on management calls
Managing risks and resolving issues that affect scope, schedule, and quality
Effectively leveraging build, deployment and monitoring/logging tools such as Travis and Jenkins


3 to 7 Yrs.

* Client interview: Yes/No