Job Description :

Software Engineer – DevOps


In this role, you will work closely with the AVP of Operations and Chief Technology Officer on day to day activities of managing software application releases for delivery to QA and to customers.


New Haven, CT or Work Remote


Optimize build processes that span across Visual Studio 2019 projects, online help, documentation files and SQL scripts.

Responsible for continuous build deliverables.

Prepare major releases and cumulative updates, as well as source code escrow.

Work with the Microsoft Team Server and IBM Rational Clearcase source control.

Improve the structure and consistency of the C++/C# code base by actively working with developers, source files and code analysis tools.

Incorporate the automation testing into the build process.

Actively participate in the planning of, designing for and implementation of a Cloud based solution for the Product.


Extensive experience with IBM Clearcase or a comparable source control system.

Hands on knowledge of C++ and C# to analyze and work with MSBuild configuration.

Experience with implementation and execution of DevOps policies and procedures.

Experience with being part of a development organization working on an enterprise client/server or browser-based packaged applications.

Response to the following questions:

Questions Choices
Which of the following is a benefit of Windows Installer? a) Manage shared resources
b) Installation on demand
c) Repair / self-healing
d) All of the above
In the context of a source control control management system, "merging" involves the following: a) Making sure that application code is properly merged
with underlying database objects.
b) Reconciling two application source code files to find
any duplicate code.
c) Reconciling two revisions of an application source
code file to produce a new version of the file.
d) Creating an application build that sources files from
two source control branches/repositories.
Under a very good software development process and infrastructure, if a full application build process completes successfully, does it mean that the resulting application will run properly a) Yes
b) No
What is the best approach to "stage" a software application package for testing? a) Ensure that a full integrated build completes
b) successfully then provide access to the build
environment to testers.
b) Publish an application package in the manner
as it may be delivered to end customers and notify
testers how it can be accessed.
c) Provide full documentation of how testers can
access the application source files and to create an
application they can run.
d) Complete a full application build, complete any
manual steps of moving the application to a test
environment, troubleshoot any issue, notify testers.
What is the structure of an MSI deployment project? a) Product, then Feature, then Component
b) Component, then Product, then Feature
c) Product, then Resource, then Component, then Feature
d) Product, then Component, then Feature
What is a "gated check-in"?


Salary: market range, meaning $120-140k commensurate with experience
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