Job Description :
Required skills:

*Bachelor's in Engineering, Computer Science, or relevant experience

*Two years software engineering experience (design, implementation, testing)

*Experience with continuous deployment and integration(CI/CD)

*Experience with developing monitoring for production components and instrumenting code for observability

*Ability to debug, optimize code, and automate routine tasks

*Experience with programming languages

*Capability to work in a global, multicultural and diverse environment

*Fluent English and Strong communication skills both written (Slack/Email) and Video Conferencing (Zoom/Webex/Google etc)

Preferred Skills:

*Knowledge of Go and Python

*Knowledge of Kubernetes and building Kubernetes Operators

*Knowledge of using and operating large scale Prometheus and Alert Manager instances to monitor production workloads

*Experienced in working with containerised workloads and management platforms like Docker or Kubernetes

*Past experience working with public cloud platforms like IBM Cloud, AWS, Azure or others

*Systematic problem-solving approach, coupled with excellent communication skills and a sense of ownership and drive

*Experience with using the databases (e.g, postgres, redis, elasticsearch, etcd, mongodb, rabbitmq, cassandra)