Job Description :
*Role : Snowflake Admin with AWS and Data Lake /OR/ AWS Admin with
Snowflake and Data lake Experience*
*Location :Denver , CO*
*Duration : Long Term *
*Client : TCS *
*Experience:6+ Years *
- Snowflake and AWS Data lake administrator with great experience in
Managing Enterprise and multi-tenant platforms ,
- Setting up Databases/roles/access ,
- Enabling Security restrictions ,
- Replication between different accounts, backup/recovery planning ,
Managing end to encryption (Gemalto, Safenet )
- Configuring BI tools (like Athena) to connect to S3

Technical IT Recruiter
*Synkriom Inc
*Email: *
* *
*Disclaimer: The information provided by you and your consultant proposed
is correct and accurate which will be used for client submission and will
match the background check documents once you are confirmed with the
client. Also, you authorize us to check all the details and photo ID''s
provided by you at the time of submission using a 3rd party tool .If there
is a discrepancy in the information Synkriom holds the right to forfeit 1
month billing hours and put legal damages due to the harm caused to the
relationship of Synkriom with the client
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