Job Description :
Basic Qualifications:

nbsp;       BS or MS degree in computer science, computer engineering or other technical (STEM) field.

nbsp;       Strong problem-solving skills and willingness to take on difficult engineering challenges.

nbsp;       Proficient system administration skills, including orchestration/automation of Linux using Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Salt Stack and/or Terraform.

nbsp;       Deep knowledge of and experience with Kubernetes, Helm, containers, cluster networking and storage.

nbsp;       Experience in languages such as Go, Python, Ruby, Bash, Java, Perl, JavaScript and/or Node.js.

nbsp;       Be familiar with the OSI Model, standard networking approaches, protocols and components such as: TCP/IP, HTTP, ECMP, DNS, ICMP, subnets, load balancing.

nbsp;       Deep understanding of cloud-native architecture and operations

nbsp;       Must be self-motivated, and have excellent time management skills to manage simultaneous projects efficiently.

nbsp;       Passionate for optimizing analytics, machine learning, data engineering, artificial intelligence, and automation.

nbsp;       Practice good version control hygiene.

nbsp;       Not afraid to dig into a tcpdump or stacktrace.

Preferred Qualifications/experience:

nbsp;       Practical experience standing up and leveraging big data frameworks, relational and distributed databases such as Hadoop, Mongo DB, Cassandra, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, InfluxDB, Timescale, Couchbase, etc.

nbsp;       Able to develop goals in support of business needs and work professionally with other team members.

nbsp;       Use Git, Weave, and Flux or similar technologies to implement infrastructure as code.

nbsp;       Experience working with public cloud platforms (e.g., AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, etc

nbsp;       Experience with standing up and leveraging Prometheus, Grafana, Jaeger, Dynatrace, Splunk, and Elastic-Stack is a big plus.

nbsp;       Experience with service mesh technologies such as Istio, Consul, and/or Linkerd

nbsp;       Experience with optimizing and customizing the Kubernetes CNI using Multus, Calico, DPDK, and SR-IOV.





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