Job Description :
Job Description:

SFDC Technical Lead / Architect role with Salesforce & Dev Ops Experience.

Specifications / Required Skills:

Understanding the current pain points.

Gap analysis of the current state and providing solutions.

Providing Reference Solution Architecture.

Provide Consultancy

Help DevOps Lead/Consultant to develop realization of the solution.

Meeting with multiple teams like infra, testing, development to understand the process.

Provides solutions to complex business problems for area(s) of responsibility where analysis of situations requires an in depth knowledge of organizational objectives

Support in achieving the benefits that DevOps can offer

Direct all aspects of DevOps implementation, Defining and managing the roadmap for implementation of DevOps in an established operation

The design and delivery of IT systems for a broad range of clients.

Configuring and administrating Jenkins/Azure DevOps/GitLab JobArtifacts/ SonarQube and dashboards for salesforce.

Integration of various DevOps tools like Jira, Github, Azure Repo, SonarQube, Selenium with Jenkins/Apex PMD/GitLab Issues

Grooming release management team, development team.

Implement DevOps platform which covers areas such as build automation, deployment automation, test automation, SDLC orchestration, environment management, monitoring, and production release procedures

Communicate projects teams & senior leadership about the new Salesforce release & its impacts on various environments & current implementations

Analyze the impact of Salesforce Release Process on Salesforce application and communicate to application team and stakeholders

Track the changes all the way to production

Prepare the release notes that document the new functionality and behavior changes

Manages the release schedule and coordinates releases with the business

Strong working knowledge of Salesforce

Familiar with release management process, branching strategy, approval of pull request

Salesforce Certified Development Lifecycle & Deployment Designer

Knowledge of using Salesforce with Jenkins/GItlabCICD/Bitbucket

Strong working experience with Jenkins/Azure DevOps/Copado/GitlabCI or similar kind of tools

Should be capable of handling code review, conflict resolution in any DVCS like Github/Gitlab

Must have strong working experience with offline editor VS Code and configuring VS Code for Bitbucket/Github/Gitlab repository

Must have a strong experience working in Agile/Hybrid Agile Methodology

Working experience with creation pipeline jobs in Jenkins/Gitlab Pipeline and configuring pipelines for automated deployments

Working experience in optimal utilization of features of GItlab/Jenkins/Azure DevOps/Copado/Gearset/AutoRABIT like setup plugins, Integrate with VCS and Testing tool, managing tool configuration,

Knowledge on all features of Jenkins/Azure DevOps/Copado/Gitlab/AutoRABIT/Bitbucket

Working experience on using Static Code Analysis tool SonarQube

Working experience with Integrating JIRA, SonarQube, Jenkins, Gitlab, Selenium, Gitlab

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