Job Description :

Job Title : SF Admin End Client : TEK4GOV/ Deloitte State of CA

It is further understood that Tek Leaders Inc., will represent my services to the clientele and position(s) listed above, and hereby deem this exclusive representation be made by Tek Leaders Inc., and no other companies, entities or third parties.

We warrant that our consultant is free from any legal or contractual restraints prohibiting working or the exercise of skills, including employment agreements or non-compete agreements with other or former employers.

We also agree that without written con Tek Leaders Inc & Other party Inc. Will not directly or indirectly solicit for employment or contract or to provide any services to the above clientele and position except through Tek Leaders Inc

We agree that, once interviewed by client, my consultant will be available for 48 hours (Work days) after interview and will join the project if confirmed by the client. We also warrant that my consultant has legal status and work authorization to work in USA. Also, I agree to the all-inclusive hourly pay rate for Sohail contract terms at $75/hr on C2C. Client does not pay expenses for this position.

I may be contacted at the phone number / email given below, should you wish to verify the validity of this document.


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