Job Description :
Primary Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Enable tracking of cloud/virtual inventory 2. Manages and improves ServiceNow Discovery and ServiceNow Services Mapping for cloud inventory 3. Provides governance to ensure the integrity of the Configuration Management Database 4. Designs enhancements/improvements for the maturity of the CMDB and Configuration Management process and translates them into business requirements 5. Define configuration items and classes, their attributes, data collection, and governance that are important to support other ITSM modules and business objectives 6. Build and support integrations with data sources other than ServiceNow Discovery 7. Setup and administration of MID servers if needed 8. Add/update/remove Discovery credentials 9. Create/update/remove Discovery ranges and schedules 10. Monitor CMDB health and resolve conflicts between data sources. Interpret Discovery logs and data to diagnose issues. 11. Define identification and reconciliation rules 12. Create/update/remove identification and reconciliation rules 13. Produces management information, including KPIs and status reports, with an operational and a management focus