Job Description :

Job Title: ServiceNow Developer

Location: Carlsbad, CA.

Job Description:

  • ServiceNow Developer/Administrator will perform two roles to support our HR ServiceNow application. As a developer, they will work with our HR business partners to understand requirements. They will use their technical expertise to design an easy-to-use and reliable solution. This will require good communication and soft skills to be able to ask the customer the right questions and understand requirements from a user perspective. When designing a solution, they should have a good understanding of available technical options and be able to make recommendations. When developing and configuring the platform they should use good coding practices, accounting for as many exception cases as practical and ensuring reliable, durable code.
  • As an administrator, this resource will need to have a wide understanding of the platform and all technical components that are in use. They should have a strong understanding of configuring the system in order achieve functionality while maintaining good security and change management practices. Because this is a shared platform, used and managed by other IT teams, the resource should be cognizant of how changes may impact other parts of the platform. The resource will need to pair good communication with change control in order to keep the system stable while managing new development and configuration changes.

Key Skills: Experience in the following ServiceNow modules:

  • Case Management
  • Knowledge management
  • Employee Service Portal
  • Employee Document Management
  • Chat
  • Virtual Agent
  • Search
  • Enterprise Onboarding
  • Experience working with the following items:
  • Business Rules
  • UI Pages
  • UI Macros
  • UI Scripts
  • Script Includes
  • ACLs
  • Client/Server Scripts
  • Workflows
  • Custom tables
  • Scripting (JavaScript, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, Jelly)
  • Good to have Experience:
  • Hands on Experience with GRC and HR Module of ServiceNow
  • Experience with Installing , Configuring, Coding and Integrating the Performance Analytics Application of ServiceNow.
  • Experience with Automated Test Framework of ServiceNow
  • components of Lifecycle events
  • low level code on REST configuration
  • authentication type
  • protocol used to transfer the data
  • Transform maps - configuring them
  • Complex pages with CSS
  • Media queries, angular talks to backend

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