Job Description :
We are looking for a Full time/contract employee for a Senior Solutions Architect.

Experience leading Design Thinking modeling and brainstorming sessions with Business and IT teams to assist with the initial user-centric application design, and to clearly establish workflow and functions based on roles and personas.
Experience translating the client's business requirements into specific systems, applications or process designs with interlocked financial modeling for very large complex technical solutions.
Working knowledge of multiple agile methodologies, lean engineering principles, and software development tools/methodologies.
Experience developing, positioning, and implementing business aligned IT strategies, architectures, roadmaps, and proposals.
Experience analyzing customer service requirements and designing service solutions to meet those objectives.
Broad, domain level architectural understanding of current IT trends, IT transformation and modernization technologies and practices, modern application architecture, and cloud computing.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please apply here.
https://app. unnanu. com/jobboard/apply/JID000001051

Client : State of Texas (OAG)