Job Description :
Job Description:
Senior Software Engineer – Java/AWS– we really prefer folks that have Java 1.8, as we are on Java 1.8 and the advanced functions (functional programming, collections, lambdas, etc.
If they have 1.7, they need to be really fluent in most of the changes from v7 to v8. Always primarily backend, and folks that came from a previous REST/SOAP background, various RDBMS, any microservices is a plus, and multi-threading is a key.
Keep in mind that these are SOFTWARE ENGINEERS, and not APPLICATION DEVELOPERS.
If someone does not have any exposure to end-to-end development, they are not likely to succeed in our interview or work environment. If you think about what we are doing, we deliver full packages of software to our OEM clients, it isn’t just a simple web app fix or update. Think of your mobile phone, and how your device needs to update its firmware every now and then, in order to run the more sophisticated apps that get produced on a daily basis. It is a very similar mentality, though obviously, we are not developing firmware.