Job Description :
Senior Manager Data Science and Analytics
Boston MA
Duration: Long term

Project Overview: • The primary task is to help the bank sunset Coremetrics by way of completion of Celebrus implementation and integrating its data across the bank’s martech, analytics, and broader sales / servicing ecosystems.
For 2020, the goal would be to do the business risk assessment for Coremetrics to get sunset and what needs to happen with respect to prioritization for Celebrus
The role would also help remediate the process for managing the ongoing process of digital data collection through the VTIM and Celebrus technology teams in cooperation with Bank technology PMs.
The role should contribute to the ongoing development of the personalization/orchestration program by auditing existing applications of Coremetrics, taking this baseline and identifying ways to enhance bank capabilities directly and indirectly within the martech ecosystem.
o Celebrus will be a key enabler of the personalization strategy through potential expansion to paid digital ads, social marketing partners, bank email messages through salesforce tagging and more.
The role is part strategic (thinking of how functionality dependent on Coremetrics will be migrated to leveraging Celebrus and integrated with overall MarTech ecosystem), part planning (how the migration items are prioritized and why) and part delivery execution (how the prioritized items are delivered and BAU/operations are transitioned
The role requires good client communication and facilitating skills, ability to influence others and gain consensus, and team collaboration.
Candidate should be proactive, a quick learner and be able to deal with ambiguity and drive towards clarity.
Understanding of data, web analytics, reporting/BI, and MarTech ecosystem components would be important but they don’t need to be an expert (like an architect or SME on Coremetrics or Celebrus

Type of Job: New Contracting Role

Job Summary: • Strong consulting skills, ability to influence and work independently with limited oversight
Ability to navigate complicated client eco-system of stakeholders
Background in data analytics and data strategy strongly preferred
We are looking for Manager+ and appreciate information on suggested