Job Description :

Senior Data Analyst

Duration 12 + months

Location Local to St. Louis, MO Onsite day one - Initially this is 3 days onsite, 2 days remote then there will be more flexibility

Team 1 - Senior Data Analyst

Manager Notes

Any Shell Scripting (heavy Unix Korn), SQL Queries, Excel experience to add/delete records

Unix/Linux required
This is an inventory application for Mobile Retail stores
Needs to understand technical integration
All the systems have a lot of inspirations working on 2 projects automation system and middleware layer with lots of integration points so must understand how systems communicate
They are lacking documentation of business processes
Projects and priorities change often so broader experience is a plus

Must be proactive, ask questions, speak up, be interactive and have fun
Will dive into data
They are Agile (70%) and Waterfall (30%) and use JIRA, SQL, and Visio helpful tools to have

Current Project

There is a project to move from receiving data system to the new system which requires data analysis and creative solutioning from a data perspective

There is a lot of digging into details of data from other systems but this role does not primarily coordinate with those other systems, another analyst on the team does that

Will spend a lot of time writing SQL queries - they are medium complexity inner outer joins, case statements, subqueries, finding duplicate data, concatenation, parsing fields with substr, etc.

Will also doing SQL DML (Data Manipulation Language) inserting data, updating data, marking rows deleted, deleting rows


Lots of VLOOKUP for comparing lists of data


There is a component of the job (automated data loads) that runs in korn shell on a unix/linux system.

The KORN shell scripts call Oracle SQLLoader, SQLLoader then loads the data into the Oracle DB

When something goes wrong with these automated data loads, this role is meant to troubleshoot the issue and fix it


Setting up users, user permissions, passwords, connections, etc. on the unix/linux server


Tried to add value - the UI the team is building in terms of data presentation

Technical Analyst to assist in the analysis of data issues across several systems that interchange data and propose solutions to solve those issues.

The solutions will range from business process changes, data integration or protocol, and/or the redesign or replacement of sub systems.

This position is a mix of responsibilities found with Data Analysts, Business Systems Analysts, Integration Analysts, and Solution Architects.

Eventually, the systems that are being analyzed now will be replaced and the candidate that fills this position will help technically define that solution.

This individual will be asked to help carry out the implementation of solutions that solve the data issues they help uncove


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