Job Description :

Job Title: Senior Cloud Solutions Architect


Location: REMOTE

Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide architectural consulting expertise, direction, and assistance to systems analysts, IT cloud engineers, and other systems architects.
  • Lead the development of the client existing IT on-prem and cloud architecture/infrastructure, and technology portfolio.
  • Develop and manage an IT cloud infrastructure capacity plan.
    Lead the development and communication of a cloud technology standards policy.
  • Conduct research on emerging cloud technologies in support of infrastructure development efforts, and recommend technologies that will increase cost effectiveness and infrastructure flexibility.
  • Develop, document, make recommendations, and communicate plans for investing in IT cloud infrastructure, including analysis of cost reduction opportunities.
  • Lead the design, development and oversee the implementation of end-to-end IT cloud integrated systems.
  • Provide knowledge transfer (KT) to Enterprise Services staff to build skill to be able to maintain cloud infrastructure and automation pipelines. KT methods include, but not limited to: Virtual or in-person learning sessions, on-the-job-training (OJT), job shadowing. And creation of job aids and training materials
    Solve complex business problems by providing technical advice and project solution alternatives.
  • Work with stakeholders to facilitate the improvement/re-engineering of business processes to align with technology needs.
  • Facilitate the elicitation of requirements/use cases/user stories with subject matter experts and manage through the requirements lifecycle.
  • Create and present reports to provide system information to District and college executives and other stakeholders.

Skills Required

  • The Contractor Senior Cloud Solution Architect must possess the following skills and abilities in order to perform the essential functions of the position:
  • Broad technical understanding of cloud architectures, technologies and service-oriented models, including cloud operations management, DevOps, applications, computer services, virtualization and extended networking domains, AWS Cloud experience preferred.
  • Demonstrated work experience in Enterprise Architecting, Platform Engineering, Platform Delivery with Multi-Cloud exposure.
  • Experience with information and application security concepts including public key encryption, remote access, access credentials, and certificate-based authentication.
  • Demonstrated hands-on experience in cloud engineering, hybrid cloud integrations, on- demand computing, serverless architectures, DevOps CI/CD pipelines, Terraform, Kubernetes, Jenkins, and GitHub.
  • Expert level understanding of typical multi-tier architectures: web servers, caching, application servers, load balancers, and storage.
  • Work experience with information and application security concepts, mechanisms, and tools.
  • Extensive experience with system performance tuning.
  • Ability to review business needs, assess impact to operations, recommend policy changes to executives, and implement changes necessary to ensure regulatory compliance and enforcement.
  • Ability to detail business needs and outcomes by assessing and documenting the current environment, including stakeholders, business processes, systems/tools, and data utilized/needed.
  • Knowledge and experience of all phases of the IT system development lifecycle and the application of waterfall, agile, and hybrid methodologies.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to utilize diplomacy, tact, and professionalism when working with peers and stakeholders.
  • Ability to evaluate situations from multiple perspectives (customers, stakeholders, vendors, best practices) in order to manage projects effectively.
  • Ability to exercise good judgment and make timely and effective decisions.
  • Ability to consistently exercise a high degree of initiative, independence, and originality in performing assigned tasks.
  • Ability to multi-task and manage several complex projects concurrently with rapid response times.
  • Ability to constantly re-prioritize work based on severity of issues and impact of solution.
  • Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality in performing tasks.
  • Proficient in the Microsoft Office suite (including Outlook, Excel, Project, PowerPoint, and Visio) and Teams.

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