Job Description :
  • 1 Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering or 5 years of equivalent experience.

    2 3 or more years' experience in the last 8 years collaborating with business stakeholders within a cross-functional matrix environment.

    3 3 years' experience gathering IT requirements from client / business partners.

    4 3 years' experience gathering IT requirements from client / business artifacts like documents, letters, forms, reports, websites, intranet sites, etc.

    5 3 years' experience documenting requirements including Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM); Data Elements Register; Business Rules Register; Roles & Permissions Register; System Register; Database Register; Integration Register; etc.

    6 3 years' experience documenting detailed, formal requirements including Business Cases, Use Cases, User Stories, Acceptance Criteria / Conditions of Satisfaction etc.

    7 3 year' experience diagraming detailed, formal requirements including Current State Cross-Functional Process Flows; Future State Cross-Functional Process Flows; Use Case Models; Data Flow Models; SWOT; Business Objective Models; Cause/Effect, Fishbone Diagrams, etc.

    8 3 years' experience coaching and mentoring project teams, business partners and stakeholders in SDLC and business requirements and analysis best practices

    9 Proficient with MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Project, and MS Visio or equivalent software applications.

    10 Experience working on Request for Proposals (RFPs) and/or Request for Information (RFIs).

    11 2 or more years' experience triaging, prioritizing and ranking SharePoint help desk tickets / reported issues and requests.

    12 2 years' experience in the last 5 years documenting requirements, design, and system, including software and architecture diagrams.

    13 2 years' experience in the last 5 years defining, and documenting development methodologies and standards.

    14 2 years' experience drafting, reviewing/revising, approving documents to ensure all documentation is Specific, Measurable, Assignable/Achievable, Realistic/Relevant, Traceable/Timeboxed (SMART) objectives, requirements, communications, etc. answering the Who, What, Where, When, How (5Ws+H).

    15 2 years' experience managing remote teams.

    16 Active IIBA Certification.

    17 Ability to work remotely and on-site in the Springfield, Illinois and Chicago, Illinois offices. (During COVID-19 Remote Work mandates, all work will be conducted remotely. Hybrid work environment may be required prior to full on-site work order post COVID-19 on-site work TBD).

    18 Demonstrated experience in the Responsibilities of this position.

  • Responsibilities:

    1. Define and document current S2S requirements for purposes of an RFP and post-RFP.

    1. Document requirements and business feedback from the RFI process.

    1. Review RFI documentation for purposes of the RFP research and discovery.

    1. Review / Revise requirements and mappings with Project Team.

    1. Assist with DoIT Governance review and documentation.

    1. Document As-Is business process' for each State agency involved.

    1. Draft and develop a high-level technical S2S architecture document and submit to assigned S2S subject matter experts (SMEs). A technical state resource will be provided to help draft this document.

    1. Meet with S2S users and SMEs on a recurring basis.

    1. Assist in creating a S2S Steering Committee and Charter.

    1. Develop and draft a high level project plan.



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