Job Description :
Updated Job Description
10+ year experience in building solutions for Data Pipelines, Big Data processing and data warehousing, using Big Data technologies (Azure experience preferred)
Expertise working with SQL Server and extensive experience with SQL programming
Expertise working with ADF pipeline and/or Databricks to build data movement pipelines from relational/structured/unstructured data to data lake to data warehouse on Azure
Experience working with Data Lake, Data Warehouse on Azure
Hands on experience working with
o Spark In-memory capabilities and its modules: Spark Core, Spark SQL, Spark Streaming
o Sqoop, Kafka and Hive
o Big Data streaming applications using Kafka and Spark Streaming and structured
o Scala
o Java
Have good experience working with Python (Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib etc. packages), to perform
o Data cleaning,
o Data analysis and
o Data Visualization
Knowledge/experience in working with NoSQL databases
Knowledge/experience in developing Machine Learning model using Python (or R)
Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Sr. Recruiter

Client : sogeti