Job Description :

Job Title: Engineer with PowerBI and Azure for Milwaukee Tool

Location:can be completely remote

Duration:long-term contract

Job Description: 

WE are looking for an engineer with PowerBI and Azure for Milwaukee Tool. This is a long-term contract - at least 6 months with the potential of conversion.


  • Performance tuning
  • Tear into the data model structure.
  • Can tear into the nuts and bolts and really help the user base better utilize the tool.
  • Proactive workspace monitoring
  • Taking most active or used apps in their organization and drilling into the workspace in the app. Seeing who the top consumer is and what they are doing. Helping fine tune that.
  • Consolidating data sets into single source by building an enterprise model.
  • Not just looking at someone who can create reports - with someone who can look at all of the data sets, work with an end user to make that into a single data source.
  • Familiar with Kimble methodology - how to develop a star schema (single fact table with the appropriate dimension table)
  • Looking for someone who can manage a Tenant - not just a microcosm of a particular workspace. Enterprise level Tenant management.
  • Needs someone to come in with more expertise so he doesn't have to hold their hand so to speak.
  • Team Make Up:
    4 DBAs
    4 Data Engineers
    2 BI folks
    (Charged with monitoring the overall health of Microsoft Power BI) Monitoring and being proactive with problem work spaces, reports, data sets, maintaining the gateways they have in their environment. The care and feeding of their power BI environment. Has a contractor that is in charge of a little too much.)


  • Focus on performance tuning.
  • Troubleshooting
  • Will have an admin feeding them the hot button items that are on fire right now. This person will be in charge of fixing those reports and those data sets.
  • Needs someone who is self-starting - self maintaining - doesn't' need micromanagement - very proactive.
  • Needs them to keep their Jira tickets up to date (logging their hours etc)
  • They just recently hired a former contractor from Skyline - phenom Rockstar - mentality of someone who is given tasks and if they run into roadblocks.. they run with it and knock down barriers to figure it out.
  • SQL - Getting data from database, transforming it in Power BI.
  • Environment and issues they are seeing: Their data warehouse wasn't and isn't built in a matter that is conducive with PowerBI. Working on that but have a lot of reports on 1:1 data sets which produces 12 copies of same datasets producing themselves over and over again so, working with sales ops to wind that down to one dataset so they don't have duplicates of reports. Have some people who have built decks and inefficient queries - they are working on that as well

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