Job Description :
Role: : - SDM/Program Manager Location: : Raleigh, NC Duration: Full Time Job Description: Hands-onAbility to manage projects The requirements here is to have a kind of "service manager/coordinator" who is available onsite for and he manages all onsite resources and also he is the "Go to" person for customer Whenever customers have a situation, he will identify the issue and follow with Client Team and team to get the issue/Task/Service request/escalation resolved. He has strong technology background, solid understanding of the ITSM process and the distribution of responsibilities between Purdue internal team and . This person is going to be the CIOs "Go To" person who can follow with the internal teams and external teams to agree on solutions, investigations, technical designs, follow-ups etc. The person doesn't necessarily need to execute tasks by themselves but they need to have the ability to get the work done through others. Very responsive with high availability The person doesn't really need to be big-picture or strategic. This is a very Operational "Service Delivery, Coordination, Project Management and Technical advisory" role.

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