Job Description :

SDE (Java Developer)

Open Positions -10




  • Hands-on developer who writes high quality, secure code that is modular, functional and testable.
  • Create or introduce, test, and deploy new technology to optimize the service
  • Perform system maintenance, production incident problem management, identification of root cause, remediation of the problems and on-call pager support schedule.
  • Select appropriate technical frameworks and solution delivery methodology.
  • Adapt to the technical artifact templates per the needs of the project and technology. Contribute ideas to help ensure that required standards and processes are in place. Maintain solution and technology road maps.
  • Research and evaluate current and upcoming technologies and frameworks.
  • Contribute to all parts of the software’s development including design, development, documentation, and testing.
  • Have strong ownership of your team’s software and are deep in the maintenance characteristics, runtime properties and dependencies including hardware, operating system, and build.
  • Must have the ability to work in a team, with collaboration providing more cross-functionality with other internal/external team.
  • Should have a working understanding of data centre-based and cloud infrastructure components including elements such as how software is networked to running virtual networks.
  • Must have an experience in building and maintaining an efficient, cost-effective, fault-tolerant server-side infrastructure. Most importantly, we are looking for a technically strong, hands-on engineer, who has desire to: 1) constantly learn more about new toolstack like AWS/Azure/GCC 2) work within a Mastercard technology stack (PCF, NiFi, NATS, Kafka, Zookeeper, Splunk, Redis, Cassandra, Oracle and simplify the usage of these new tools by creating common libraries, interfaces to use the new toolstack efficiently 3) maintain and extend existing infrastructure and perform the tuning activities based on the need of the application, 4) take pride in overall product quality, and 5) work with others, including software engineers and product managers to build the best products in the industry.

About You:

  • Degree in Computer Science or related field
  • Strong foundation in algorithms, data structures and core computer science concepts.
  • Evidence of working with object-oriented development and design patterns.
  • Proficiency in multiple modern programming languages such as Java, SpringBoot framework, RDBMS – Oracle, Webservice development
  • Strong written and verbal English communications skills.
  • Strong analytical and excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Experience working in an Agile environment.
  • Experience with XP, TDD and BDD in the software development processes
  • Proficiency with cloud technologies (IaaS, PaaS, serverless technology, NoSQL databases), micro-service design, CI/CD, DevOps
  • Expert in modern software design principles such as SOLID, DRY, and Single responsibility
Dinesh Kumar
Office EXT 119
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