Job Description :
Full and Traditional Scrum Master Role – Not a PM in any way, so project manager exp is not required (not product owners at all – truly Scrum tasks only)

· This role will be focused on Scrum Master Ceremonies and Stand-ups almost exclusively

· This team is very young in their Agile processing journey, so full Agile Methodologies are not being employed in a traditional way

· There are also some tasks that follow the Waterfall process, so candidates with experience in both Waterfall and Agile Methodologies would be highly beneficial as this team goes through its continued augmentation (more roles to come in the next few weeks)

· That’s why it is imperative that candidates submitted for this role be exceptionally flexible, and have a true willingness to work, think, develop, and function outside of any traditional/heavily prescribed boxes

· This team is primarily operational in an Iterative Development format; this continues to be more of a functioning principle or focus, versus that of an Agile-centric production environment

· Deliverables are an area where the team is working to strengthen their capabilities, so candidates should come in knowing that this will be an area that needs continuous improvement and further refinement

· The weekly outlook is one where the specs are written, then tested, and the sprint towards completion is enacted, in a combination of autonomous and collaborative efforts

o What that looks like (example): 2 weeks of writing specs and codes and testing, no formalized release train, very fluid release and sprint review and rollout process

o Overall fluidity in the expectations of timelines and deliverables

o A pure Agile process is typically not followed: not adhering to formalized sprints or releases, so flexibility in every facet of the Scrum process is the key to having success and being a genuine contributor on this team

· Prior Retail exp. Is highly desired, as that translates well into the dynamic nature and flexibility needed to thrive on this team

· Preference of wide-ranging prior exp is very high - if not fully Retail, they’d like to see candidates with varied exp – i.e., some Retail., some Government, some Manufacturing/Logistics, some Healthcare; not just one long set of the same work history, as it will speak to their level of flexibility and their capability at thriving in myriad work environments

· This role will not need to be an in-office team member – they can live anywhere the 48, as long as they’d be willing to travel to HQ 1-2x/yr., max, if needed (once safe travel resumes)

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