Job Description :
DirectClient: Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC)
Title: SAS Administrator
Location: Winters Complex, Building C, 701 W 51st St, Austin, TX 78751
Duration: Until 8/31/2021 with possible extension
Last date for submission: January 19, 2021 (2.00 PM-CST)

As the State of Texas rushes to address the many impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become critical to rely on the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to provide reliable, up to the minute data regarding the current state of infection in the state. As DSHS works to provide this critical data to inform decision makers, health care administrators and citizens, the agency is experiencing serious limitations in the ability to efficiently and reliably provide the data due to a legacy of disparate systems and data that currently resides in numerous locations and databases across the agency. Sharing this vital data across all of these systems is inherently difficult, time-consuming, and requires resource intensive manual and inefficient processes. These cumbersome manual processes have a severe impact on Texas’ ability to respond effectively to the COVID-19 pandemic and prevent the loss of life.

Install, configure, and manage SAS software in AWS cloud.
Create detailed SAS architectural diagrams, Installation Guides, and Runbooks necessary for operational management of SAS software.
Work with security team in creating a System Security Plan to harden the installation.
Monitor, tune, and scale SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Visual Statistics, SAS Data Preparation, and SAS Data Mining based on usage.
Address non-functional requirements such as scalability, high availability, performance, disaster recovery, and reliability.
Automate monitoring and incident response to the extent possible through scripting.
Onboard users to the environment, educate them on best practices, help troubleshoot and resolve issues.
All other duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements:
Years Required/Preferred Experience
8 Required Experience managing multi-node SAS cluster in a cloud environment.
5 Required Excellent oral and written communication skills.
5 Required Problem solving and analytical skills.
4 Required Experience in the administration of SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Visual Statistics, SAS Data Preparation, and SAS Data Mining software.
4 Required Experience installing and configuring various data sources including but not limited to Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Snowflake, and Salesforce.
4 Required Experience in scheduling and automating data extracts from various data sources such as relational databases, Excel, Access DB, Snowflake, Salesforce etc.
4 Required Working experience on Linux operating system.
4 Required Experience implementing security controls to protect sensitive data processed through the SAS server.
2 Required Experience in integrating SAS Server with an identity and access management system using SAML or by other means
2 Required Experience in automating the monitoring the health of multi-node SAS Server cluster and other resources such as load balancers on a major cloud platform.
1 Required Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, engineering or a related field
3 Preferred Prior experience in the Healthcare Industry
2 Preferred SAS Certification
2 Preferred Prior experience with an HHS agency

Client : HHSC


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