Job Description :
  • Understanding of Sales Orders, Header and Item 
  • Sound understanding of Sales Orders, Header and Item, including configuration experience with all objects.
  • Sales Order Batch Management 
  • Understanding of Sales Scheduling agreements functionality and configuration 
  • Sales Order Customizations 
  • Copy Control from Sales Contracts to Sales Orders 
  • Sound Understanding of Material Determination, Customer Material Info records 
  • Functional specification authoring (Reports, Conversions, Enhancements, Interfaces and Workflows) 
  • Testing of custom enhancements 
  • 10 Writing Business Process Documents 
  • Sound Knowledge of Standard MS Office products like Visio, PowerPoint, Excel and Word 



Self-Rating(Beginner/Mid- level/ Expert)

Client Name where mentioned skill used last

Domain Exp in Aerospace




Exp in Sales Order Batch Management 




Exp in Sales Order Customizations 




Exp in Material Determination, Customer Material




Past exp with HCL or Boeing






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