Job Description :
Role: SAP Data Analyst
Tenure: 06 Months/ Contract
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Mode of Interview: Video/ Skype

Job Description: Training Environment & Data Analyst
Supports the identification, conditioning, and generation of training data.
Coordinates and validates data in alignment with environments (clients and tenants) and training delivery schedule, which also includes coordination across shared (or non-dedicated) training environments.
Extensive knowledge of SAP (C4C/ISU) and has experience with CIS releases
Understands the various testing cycles (assembly, product, ORT, etc and CIS environments (QA, training, production, golden clients, etc
Understands Training in a CIS context and/or has managed training in a similar setting
Functional knowledge and has ability to communicate effectively between technical and Training/P&S teams (and others such as testing, when appropriate)
Has dealt with data generation tools and data strategies to deploy training needs
Ability to take data requirements and mine for training data based on requirements
Skills to query data
Ability to manage multiple environments and perform activities such as smoke testing

Client : Compunnel