Job Description :
Salesforce support for State of Oregon
Location: Salem, OR
Duration: 6 Months


SOS uses Salesforce to serve and track requests, questions, and issues from the public and as a case management system for our ombudsman office. We use primarily the Service Modules and are using Lightning almost exclusively. We do not use the Sales or Marketing modules except for Account and Contact information. Most of our non-ombudsman calls are “One and Done” and a high percent of our contacts never call again (We have a default Account configured for this purpose – which requires Process Builder and Workflow handling)

Expertise Requirements:
5+ years implementation and support of similar size and scope of salesforce environments such as ours.
Workflow and Process Builder
Apex Coding
Web ? Case, and Email ? Case setup, Configuration, Web page component building
Email handling and troubleshooting
Duplicate trapping (within the information we capture)
Single Person to interface with that learns and understands our implementation
Experience implementation with Live Agent (Chat) and softphone integration

Contract Service On-Going Support Requirements:
Support Level
Learn our environment for efficiency of requests and work
Respond to requests within 2 business days.
Assign the same support personnel where possible and appropriate.
Yearly review of implementation health and recommendations including Custom Code review.
Implementation support of future features such as Live Agent (Chat), Chat bots, Public Knowledge base.

Salesforce Release Management
Release Readiness Checks and implementation support (3 times a year) including coding assistance as needed to ensure continual operation of existing integrations.
o Pre-release review of impact to our implementation within 2 weeks of salesforce release notes.
o Document of features impacting our implementation.
o Recommendations and coding support where needed.
o Impact, remediation, Improvement recommendation, Implementation of Best Practices
o Workflow and Process Builder
o Apex Coding
o Web ? Case, and Email ? Case setup, Configuration, Web page component building
o Email handling and troubleshooting
o Duplicate trapping (within the information we capture)

Project Support Requirements: Short term future projects: These projects will be a joint effort. This is not an all-inclusive list.
Live Agent (Chat)
Einstein, Chat bots
Soft Phone integration
Public Knowledge Articles
Data Analysis for improvements
Integration and reporting of external data
Estimate of Hours for Projects before approval to do work.
Weekly status of in-process work.
Monthly status of overall work and progress.
Project work will not be paid for until evaluated and accepted by the agency’s contract administrator

Reporting / Service Documentation requirements:
Estimate and approval of hours for projects prior to beginning work.
Weekly status of in-process work.
Provide monthly breakdown of tasks performed and billable hours by task.
Payment when work is completed, evaluated, and accepted by agency contract administrator.

Client : State of Oregon