Job Description :



  • Salesforce record sharing and security via all different processes - implicit and explicit
  • Apex knowledge - OOPs concept, Apex methods, record sharing and security in Apex.  DBC, (dependency) , injection concepts.
  • Objects and relationships and database level relationships.  Query statistics.
  • DX, Lightning and LWC

1.     Concepts like StandardController, customController and controller extension and its usage.

2.     User context and system context record and field security in Lightning and VF page is not clear. This is connected to question 1.

3.     Javascript functions like collection declaration or iteration which is extensively used in Aura.

4.     The concept or requirement of callback or asynchronous pattern of javascript which is also basic for lightning.

5.     Locker service requirement and impacted areas of lightning.

Knowledge of DX is a must for a candidate. We are trying to move away from traditional org based development to source based.

  • Candidates need to understand how the salesforce architecture works
  • Understand the quality of code/ be able to analyze code
  • Understand programming concepts (ie the difference between java dev concepts and salesforce dev concepts)
  • Have DevOps knowledge
  • Must have Dx (developer experience)which is the UX for salesforce devs and have a good grasp of packaging concepts
  • Must have bitbucket, Jenkins or github
    5-8 years is the sweet spot

Can you please convey to the participants that they need to have a working computer with a IDE( eclipse / idea / sublime-text/vscode ), so that we can engage them in  some live coding questions ?

Client is looking for solid Salesforce Developer that at heart is a very strong Coder and has experience with Lightning for a long term contract opportunity.


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