Job Description :
Systems Analysis Architect
REMOTE - Santa Clara, CA
1+ month contract
$100/hour C2C

Skill requirements:
Systems Analysis (Ability to assess current system capabilities and perform gap analysis to future state objectives) 5+ years experience required
IT General (Knowledge of Partner Relationship Management features and configurations) 4+ years experience required
Non-strategic ERP & Pkgd Software (Salesforce Lightning Partner Community software) 4+ years experience required
Architecture (Knowledge of Salesforce Partner Community design and Systems Integration) 4+ years experience required
Custom Skill Requirements:
Content Management and Search (Ability to integrate Content and Search into the Partner Portal) 4+ years experience required
Project Estimations (Ability to define the expected level of effort and resources needed to implement a future state portal) 4+ years experience required

Qualifying Questions:
Have you implemented 2-3 Salesforce Partner Community portals?
Are you familiar with the available product features that support Partner Relationship Management?
Are you knowledgeable of the configurations available to implement the features?
Would you be able to address limitations exposed by an existing Partner Community configuration based on desired outcomes?
Would you be able to recommend solution options to address limitations of a Partner Portal?
Description of Services:
The client has an existing and outdated Partner Portal, built using Salesforce Partner Community software, that is used to manage existing VAR and Distributor partners. It is the goal of the client to improve channel sales and other marketing initiative through an improved Partner Portal. This initiative is to assess the limitation of the existing portal in terms of functionality, user experience and technical capabilities and lay out a plan to modernize and improve the site either by upgrading it, adding additional components, or replacing it altogether with a more comprehensive software.
Current State Technical Analysis of existing Salesforce Partner Community
Description of target Future State objectives for the portal software
Recommendation of solution options that meet the target future state
Definition of level of effort and resources that would be needed to implement the recommended solution
Acceptance Criteria: