Job Description :

This resource will help to amplify True Value brand into action by boosting awareness online.

li>Design and Develop Shopify Plus store with Ruby on Rails application./li>
li>Build e-Commerce Website HTML 5/li>
li>Content Upload/li>
li>Include Source Code/li>
li>Design Customization/li>
li>Responsive Design/li>
li>A ready to go online store created in Shopify Plus with personalized banners and pictures./li>
li>Define requirements for Shopify Plus Store for True Value/li>
li>Knowledge transfer/li>
li>Shopify Plus support, if needed/li>

Minimum Requirements

li>Proven experience in Shopify Plus store web development for a mid-size company/li>
li>Required experience in e-Commerce for Retail/li>
li>Ruby on Rails Web Development application. /li>
li>Experience working with DVP and in a team collaborative environment/li>
li>Proven ability to design, develop, and customize Shopify Plus store for True Value/li>

Education and Experience:

li>3+ years of Shopify Plus full website experience/li>
li>5+ years of experience working with eCommerce development and programming/li>
li>High degree of proficiency with Shopify Plus store website development and implementation/li>
li>Proficient in Ruby on Rails application/li>
li>Interpersonal skills to influence and spur change/li>

Preferred Experience:

li>Ruby on Rails Web design and development experience/li>
li>Shopify Plus store application experience /li>
li>eCommerce Social Marketing Web development/li>