Job Description :
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We have job opening for Respiratory Therapist Job at Chicago, IL; Milwaukee, WI; Hines, IL

Job Title: Respiratory Therapist
Duration: Long Term.
Location: Respiratory Therapists services for the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center (Chicago, IL), Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center (Milwaukee, WI) and for the Edward Hines Jr. Hospital (Hines, IL)

The contract Respiratory Therapists shall be National Board of Respiratory Care (NBRC) certified in good standing with a minimum of 1-year of adult ICU experience and the ability to perform a wide spectrum of Respiratory Therapy services. Respiratory Therapist shall be capable of performing the duties listed in the Statement of Work independently, either with other respiratory staff present or alone with minimal orientation/training to the VA facility.

Job Description:
1. The contracted therapists shall also be expected to chart using VA Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) and Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA
2. The duties and responsibilities of the Respiratory Therapist include, but are not limited to the following:
3. Administers various respiratory therapy procedures including adult mechanical ventilation, ultrasonic nebulization, humidification, nebulizing medication, chest physiotherapy and various forms of oxygen therapy
4. Performs sputum inductions, having patient’s breath nebulized particles (if necessary) of appropriate solutions for diagnostic tests as routine culture and sensitivity, TB and fungal cultures and cytologist examinations for abnormal cells. Performs, if necessary, nasal tracheal suctioning to obtain culture using aseptic technique.
5. Instructs patients and relatives on home self-care relative to home aerosol, home oxygen, etc. with proper documentation in the patient’s record via computer.
6. Provides appropriate equipment to patients receiving respiratory care following all infection control policies and procedures.
7. Responds to all emergency and cardiac arrests alarms and is responsible to assure adequate ventilation or give assistance as required.
8. Significant knowledge of related disciplines is required to fully evaluate and properly carry-outpatient procedures consistent with good quality control practices, patient care management practices and quality assurance programs.
9. Perform his/her duties and functions as a Registered Respiratory Therapist with integrity and appropriate ethical behavior. In accordance with ethical standards of nationally recognized professional organizations. Treat patients and colleagues with respect, care and thoughtfulness
10. Perform duties in an accurate, precise, timely and responsible manner.
iii. Safeguard patient information as confidential.
1. Prudently use Respiratory resources.
2. Track and order supplies necessary for the daily operation of the section if assigned.
3. Work within the boundaries of the law and regulations and strive to disclose illegal or improper behavior to the appropriate authorities.

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