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Sr. Rest API Developer, 
Term: 7 Months
Location: Atlanta, GA or REMOTE
•             7 years of application development andimplementation experience
•             3 years of hands-on experience indesigning and developing high volume web services using API Protocols and DataFormats (REST, JSON, SOAP & XML).
•             3 yearsof experience in API management tools like ApigeeEdge in designing API facades, designing and implementing API Proxies, andDeveloper portal
•             Strongskills in developing and supporting RESTfulservices in a Java environment
•             Expertlevel knowledge of REST API/service patterns
•             Experiencewith agile development and TDD/CI/CD practices
•             Experiencein securing APIs using Oauth, SAML, Open ID Connect and etc.
•             Strongknowledge in API Modelling languages and annotation (YAML, Swagger, RAML)
•             Experiencewith automated testing tools like Selenium, Cucumber, and Junit
•             Ideallyyou will have a background in the Airline or e-commerce industry
•             Using andimplementing Apigee Edge for the full API lifecycle management
•             ImplementingAPI policies and transformation using Apigee Edge
•             Designand development of RESTful API
•             Generateswagger and other API documentation
•             Developautomated acceptance and unit test for the agile team
•             Work withtools to automate dev, build, deployment and testing
•             WritingJunit/integration test cases to validate the code quality and code coverage
Anshu Chaudhary
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Lead IT Recruiter
13573 Tabasco Cat Trail Frisco, TX 75035 | W:
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