Job Description :
Role: ReactJS Developer
Location: Los Angeles - CA
Duration : Contract
Job Description:
Candidate should be ready to complete the test assessment in 2 days. Client latest update on JD: Frontend Architecture & Design, Data Modeling
• Functional Component Architecture - has personally built reusable Functional React components in a production consumer facing web application
• Layout & Styling Best Practices - Should be familiar with Atomic Design/Reusability Principles and not adding technical debt in duplication of styles
• Experience Separating Data Layers from UI - Should know about separation of Data/API Layers from UI to allow Design and UI to be unblocked from BE/API dependencies
Framework/Libraries & Infrastructure
• Should know what NextJS and SSR (Server Side Rendering)
• Should know what GraphQL is and value of building with it
• Should know Page Performance Best Practices - How to avoid render blocking & repaints
• Should know what Cloudfront or S3 is and what they are used for.
• Should have experience setting up a new/greenfield project and giving direction to more Jr engineers
Marketing Tech
• Should be familiar with A/B and MultiVariate Testing
• Should be familiar with Tracking & Analytical systems (GTM/GA, Facebook, A e, Segment)
Mandatory Skills : GarphQL, Highcharts, D3, and any working knowledge on Canvas & Mapbox
Technical competencies
• Minimum 8+ years experience in software development
• Strong fundamentals in computer science and software development best practices, expert knowledge of web fundamentals (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
• Expertise in cross-browser responsive development across all modern platforms (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and tablets)
• Must-have abilities with deep expertise:
• HTML, CSS3, Vanilla Javascript and ES6
• Experience creating dynamic data-driven interactives with D3 libraries (links to relevant examples would be welcomed)
• Create an interactive world map graph which shows dynamic data in your github, that’ll make an impact --- questions to be asked from these examples
• Deep expertise with at least one Javascript framework with React being preferred; Angular, Backbone, Ember, Vue
• CSS Preprocessors: Less, Sass, SCSS, Stylus
• Nice-to-have abilities
• A/B Testing tool (preferably A e Target)
• Exposure to Continuous Integration, Continuous Development, Docker and related tools
• Familiarity with the culture of agile development with proper processes and tools for: automated unit testing, build systems, continuous integration and deployment, proper version controlling with Git and other software development best practices, code reviews, goes without saying
• Best-in-class examples (type of experiences we want to create)
• How much warmer was your city in 2018 (NYT)
• A decade in pictures (NYT)
• How the virus got out (NYT)
• An extremely detailed map of the 2016 election (NYT)
• Human terrain - Visualizing the world’s population in 3D (The Pudding)
• Air pollution comparison (NYT)
Non-technical competencies
• Ability to work in a distributed development team
• Ability to be an early thought partner with business sponsors to assess the technical feasibility of developing solutions around a conceptual idea
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills paired with the ability to develop creative and efficient solutions
• Distinct customer focus and quality mindset
• Excellent interpersonal, leadership, and communication skills
• Excellent relationship building skills
• Ability to work under pressure with a solid sense for setting priorities
• Comfortable working in a team-based and collaborative environment
• Knack for coaching and mentoring team members to follow good engineering practices

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