Job Description :
For one of our ongoing projects we are looking for a Help Desker (Remote
The Division of Information Technology supports an extensive array of computer server systems and networks for the state's University system. DoIT's Systems and Network Control group supports and monitors the network/systems daily availability of applications, batch processes, and connectivity through a protocol-driven response process. DoIT server systems include (but are not limited to) over 1200 client server systems running on various operating systems on Amazon, Microsoft and Google Cloud platforms, Dell, and Sun hardware platforms. The user base of networks supported by DoIT consists of faculty, staff and students at the UW-Madison campus, UW-System campuses throughout the state, and remote vendor technical support staff creating an extensive user pool. The DoIT network and telecommunication architecture provides network access and support services to many applications which include (but are not limited to) the UW-Madison campus Ethernet and ATM backbone; LANs, Library Information Retrieval Area; SysNet/BCN; UW-System Administration; electronic mail; voice mail; Integrated Student Information System.
The primary functions are to support the DoIT network/system complex to meet established guidelines, availability, and schedules. This position also performs first and second level problem determination and recovery. This position's duties include (but are not limited to) supporting the DoIT communication networks, supporting the operations of DoIT host processors, operating systems, system resources and applications, monitor the activity and performance of networks and host processors. Utilize network and host processor resources and tools to meet established guidelines and schedules. Perform problem diagnosis, resolution, recovery, and notification procedures in accordance with established guidelines and standards. This position must possess, maintain, and continue to develop operational knowledge level in normal usage and problem resolution of the many computer systems' hardware, software, and networks. This position works under close progressing to limited supervision.

A1. Perform diagnosis and resolution on a large Gigabit Ethernet network of problems related to Internet applications, systems software and/or hardware (may include gateways, switches and hubs, and routers) and their connectivity to the UW-Madison and SysNet/BCN network infrastructures.
A2. Coordinate technical aspects of services on a Wide Area Network with an ATM backbone between network or telecommunications services providers and SysNet/BCN site administrators.
A3. Assist DoIT and SysNet Engineers, and vendors as needed in advanced level support and recovery of networks.
A4. Provide second-level support to the Help Desk agents reporting end user network connectivity problems.
A5. Use network policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures in daily operation while managing the network infrastructure.

B1. Utilize appropriate software and scheduling applications such as HP Openview Operations and Tivoli Workload Scheduler to manage the system activity and resources on DoIT supported processors/servers to ensure production standards, processing deadlines, data integrity, data backups, and availability guidelines are met.
B2. Coordinate with the Applications Processing staff, System Administrators, and Technologists to ensure required processing schedules and priority deadlines are defined.
B3. Assist other Control Center staff in appropriate scheduled maintenance procedures for DoIT supported processors/servers.
B4. Perform problem diagnosis and resolution on Windows and UNIX host servers for system, applications, and batch failures.
B5. Assist DoIT technical staff and vendors as needed with support and recovery.

C1. Maintain network and systems performance, status, and availability reports, and problem and change management reports.
C2. Gather and communicate information regarding problems, processing and system changes, and relevant information needed to support the network and systems. Assist senior support staff and vendors to communicate existing, new, or changed policies and procedures, which may affect supported networks, systems, and/or applications.
C3. Assist with creation and maintenance of procedural documentation for use by all Control Center staff.
C4. Provide input on procedural changes in all areas of Control Center (hardware, software, maintenance, staffing, procedures, policies, DoIT departmental support, etc

D1. Provide operational and recovery support to ensure the physical security and environmental standards of the Data Center and offsite equipment locations are met.
D2. Escalate problems and abnormal situations as needed.
D3. As directed by the supervisor, assist and train Control Center staff in all areas and duties of Systems and Network Control.
D4. Perform appropriate duties to maintain archival storage media within the Data Center library according to the established duties and guidelines.
D5. When required, work overtime on weekdays, weekends, and holidays according to established procedures.
D6. Participate in appropriate training sessions and/or staff meetings as determined by the supervisor. Perform additional duties as assigned by the Shift Supervisor.
D7. Work respectfully on a diverse team with a diverse range of people and promote an inclusive environment.
D8. Commitment to DolT's Mission and Foundational Principles.

*Operational knowledge of Gigabit Ethernet network hardware, architecture, design, and operation
*Operational knowledge of Local Area Network and Wide Area Network/ATM hardware, architecture, design, and operation
*Operational knowledge of various UNIX, Linux and Windows Operating Systems
*Knowledge of network troubleshooting tools such as Ping and Traceroute
*Effective written and oral communication skills
*Effective interpersonal skills and the ability to successfully deal with a variety of users and staff at different computer knowledge levels.
*Effective customer support experience and skills
*Operational knowledge of application monitoring tools such as HP OpenView Operations
*Operational knowledge of JES2 and MVS/ZOS system concepts and operation
*Operational knowledge of a formal incident tracking system such as Cherwell ITSM Software
*Operational knowledge of automated batch processing tools such as Tivoli Workload Scheduler/Tivoli OPC.
Must Have:
Ability to handle multiple tasks, set priorities, schedule, and meet deadlines.
Excellent oral and written communication skills and advanced customer support skills
Interpersonal skills