Job Description :

For one of our multiyear Project (> 5 years) we are looking for  experienced database and ETL administrator to support our Application Development and Systems Operation activities. The incumbent will have the primary responsibility of developing and maintaining internal databases and ETL scripts. Other duties may involve writing complex queries for reporting using raw SQL queries and scripting languages such as Perl, Python, etc.

Key Qualifications:

16 years of IT Experience (Required)

12+ years’ experience with MS SQL Server. (Required)


12+ years’ experience with database backend and disaster recovery. (Required)

12+ years progressive in database maintenance and ETL development (Required)


3+ years progressive experience in a Virtual Server environment(Required)

3+ years’ experience with SQL Server High Availability Solutions(Required)


5+ years’ experience with ETL tools such as SSIS(Required)

5+ years’ experience with standard scripting languages (Shell, Perl, Python, etc.)


5+ years’ experience of standard database concepts (query optimization, database tuning, data modeling, etc.) (Required)

 1 year Experience with data warehousing (Highly desired)


1 year Experience with NoSQL(Highly desired)

Exceptional facility with tuning SQL queries to optimize performance relative to application needs(Highly desired)


1 year Experience with supporting tools and technologies including basic operating system tools (mainly Linux) and configuration options (Highly desired)

1 year Experience with application development languages and tools a plus (Java, JSP, etc.)

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with project and operation teams by conducting the database

administration task such as installation, configuration, upgrade, migration, and others as

assigned by manager.

  • Conduct backup and recovery, database security, storage and capacity planning,

performance monitoring and tuning tasks as assigned by manager

  • Conduct trouble shooting and data restores as needed and as assigned by manager
  • Conduct Extract, translate, and Load tasks as assigned by manager
  • Collaborate with other DBAs to establish and enhance best practices in the area of backup,

data-recovery, database security, ETL, and storage.

  • Write SQL code to implement complex queries for reporting
  • Investigate new technologies and suggests new solutions to business problems
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.
  • Provides all activities related to the administration of computerized databases.
  • Projects long-range requirements for database administration and design in conjunction

with other managers in the information systems function.

  • Designs, creates, and maintains databases in a client/server environment.
  • Conducts quality control and auditing of databases in a client/server environment to

ensure accurate and appropriate use of data.

  • Advises users on access to various client/server databases.
  • Designs, implements, and maintains complex databases with respect to Job Control

Language (JCL), access methods, access time, device allocation, validation checks,

organization, protection and security, documentation, and statistical methods.

  • Applies knowledge and experience with database technologies, development

methodologies, and front-end (e.g., Cognos)/back-end programming languages (e.g.,

Structured Query Language (SQL). Performs database programming and supports

systems design.

  • Includes maintenance of database dictionaries, overall monitoring of standards and

procedures, file design and storage, and integration of systems through database design


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