Job Description :
Java Programming language - 5+ years of experience in Java, C#, Go Lang, or Python and comfortable developing in multiple technology areas while working on prototype and proof-of-concept assignments across the full-stack.1+ years of building cloud applications, Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) using at least one of the following platforms: AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry. 1+ Years of experience in building REST API’s. 3+ years overall software engineering experience
Demonstrated ability to collaborate with architects on complex assignments. Strong communication skills
Bachelor's degree or equivalent (minimum 12 years) work experience. If an Associate’s degree, must have minimum 6 years work experience. Experience working in continuous delivery environment. API Gateways experience a plus. Experience in one or more messaging technologies, JMS, rabbitMQ, SQS, or AMQP. Familiarity with one or more data storage and processing technology, NoSQL, Hadoop, or Spark.
Additional Job Details: 1 - Kubernetes (P3 - Advanced) | 2 - Identity and Access Management (IAM) Operations (P2 - Intermediate) | 3 - Google Cloud Platform Architecture (P1 - Beginner)

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