Job Description :
Role:Senior Analytics Engineer
Location: Remote
Duration: Long term
No H1b please
Job Description:
Senior Analytics Engineer
The Senior Analytics Engineer defines and implements digital analytics solutions in support of
the measurement needs of our client initiatives. This person will architect, document, and
implement a wide-range of analytics solutions including tag management, analytics platform
configuration, conventions and taxonomies, and digital media pixel deployment to facilitate the
comprehensive tracking of marketing touchpoints. Experience with web analytics software, tag
management systems, digital media platforms, and data management concepts is critical in this
role. Our Analytics Enablement exists at the intersection between analytics and technology, as a
division of our Marketing Sciences Center of Excellence.
Perform discovery of client marketing and analytics data ecosystems
Conceives of tracking architecture for client initiatives and campaigns, producing flow
diagrams and technical specifications, thereby allowing both digital and offline
interactions to be tracked, analyzed, and optimized
Defines campaign naming and URL tagging conventions while maintaining the
corresponding taxonomies using standard tools such as Excel as well as enterprise
SAAS tools including Claravine
Authors tracking and tagging implementation documentation for client in-house teams,
client/agency partners, and internal development resources, including clear details that
can be easily translated into a test plan for tracking QA purposes
Execute tag management implementation using platforms such as Google Tag Manager,
Ensighten, and A e Launch while providing unit testing validation of all tags deployed
Configure and administer web analytics platforms including Google Analytics (Universal
& 4) and A e Analytics
Facilitate the measurement of digital media and CRM by supporting conversion tracking
for Google Ads, Google Campaign Manager, DSPs, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads,
LinkedIn Ads, Microsoft Ads, Kochava & Branch MMPs, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Support A/B/multivariate website testing using tools such as Google Optimize and
A e Target
Conduct comprehensive tracking QA to ensure measurement accuracy across all
campaign, web, and media initiatives
Educate clients and agency colleagues on industry changes relevant to analytics and
data privacy
Interface with client and partner contacts, communicating in a manner to inspire
confidence while maintaining detailed documentation following all discussions
Minimum 3-5 years of analytics and technology experience
Experience utilizing tag management systems, including Google Tag Manager, A e
DTM/Launch, and Ensighten to support the deployment of web and media analytics
tracking tags on pageview-based websites, single-page applications, and mobile apps
Experience administering Google Analytics Universal; Accounts, Properties, and Views,
including the creation of Goals, Filters, Custom Dimension/Metrics, and Segments
Experience administering Google Analytics 4
Experience configuring A e Analytics Report Suites including Classifications, SAINT,
and eVars / sProps
Experience with enterprise taxonomy management tools including Claravine
Experience working in or supporting analytics for digital media, with working knowledge
of Google Ads / Campaign Manager / DV360 / SA360, Microsoft Ads, DSPs, Facebook
Ads, Kochava or other MMPs, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Google Analytics Individual Qualification and A e Analytics Implementation
Certification a plus
Experience authoring SQL to query, load, transform, and retrieve data from various
databases including MS SQL Server, Redshift, and PostgreSQL
Experience with scripting and other languages including Python, JavaScript, CLI, HTML,
CSS, and Regular Expressions a plus
An understanding of core marketing analytics concepts including impressions, clicks,
pageviews, events, sessions, users, conversions, and attribution models
An understanding of ETL concepts including the data integration pipeline, staging tables,
incremental loading, SCD, data quality, business logic, and views
Experience with cloud services including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services a
Experience with ETL-as-a-service platforms including Datorama, Fivetran, or Matillion a
Problem-Solving & Commitment: Ability to solve complex measurement and business
challenges through technical creativity, while maintaining a continuing education
commitment to remain current on analytics technology
Personal Traits: Passionate about problem solving in the areas of marketing, data,
analytics, and technology; excellent verbal and written communication skills

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