Job Description :

The Scrum Master guides a scrum team on how to use Agile/Scrum
practices and how to get the most out of self-organization.

Assesses the maturity of the scrum team, providing support and
coaching their team to higher levels of maturity at a pace that is
sustainable and comfortable to the team.

Removes impediments and/or guides the team on how to remove impediments.

The Scrum Master facilitates and leads Agile ceremonies (Daily
Standup, Demonstration, Story Point Estimation, Retrospective,
Iteration Planning, Backlog Grooming) and fosters continuous

Collaborates with team members, but does not act as a manager, lead
developer, Project Manager, or Product Owner.

Remove impediments to a team's productivity by shielding them from
outside influences.

Empower teams and facilitate creativity while guarding quality and
monitoring iteration progress while striving for successful

Represent the team to management. Disseminate information to the team,
including metrics and charts.

Work with other Scrum Masters to ensure organizational process improvement.

The Scrum Master builds and maintains a trusting and safe environment
where problems and issues can be raised without fear of blame,
retribution, or being judged. As a servant leader, the scrum master
protects the team from external distractions, allowing the team to
focus on the work to which they have committed. Position is to fill
the Scrum Master role on the  post order scrum


Facilitate events for scrum team, as needed, and bring facilitation
techniques to the team as a neutral party to help team make decisions

Coaching the team on agile principles, values, and scrum rules, roles,
artifacts, and events.

Ensure that the team follows the scrum framework

Helps the team understand their own performance by providing them with
metrics of use to the team based on their maturity including flow,
burn-down, burn up, and predictability.


Knowledge of agile values and principles, scrum roles, rules,
artifacts and events and facilitation and coaching skills

A history of having worked as a developer or a strong interest and
understanding of technology

Understanding of agile tools and applying scrum in a virtual environment

Knowledge of scrum team metrics and which to apply based on team maturity

2 years of service to a team in the role of a scrum master

At least 2 years of experience as a developer or quality assurance
analyst in a professional environment

Bachelor of Science degree in any Technical, Engineering, Information
Systems or related fields preferred

Certification would be helpful particularly in scrum (PSM, CSM)


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