Job Description :

Technical Monitoring Prep work:

-  Managed system configuration (MSC) for technical monitoring

-  Solman_setup basic system config

-  Activation of the extractors for monitoring and installation of all agents as required, including Wily Introscope.

-  LMDB review and correction as required

-  Root Cause Analysis

-  HANA DB agents and prep for monitoring

-  Satellite systems prep

-  Installation of ST_OST component and patching + notes as required.

-  PI/PO interface monitoring requirements/ PIMon - ICMon Notes implementation


Technical Monitoring activation, activation of templates and Dashboarding – Focus Insight):

-  Perform Remaining systems Technical monitoring activation (ABAP, JAVA, HANA, SYBASE, Windows servers)

-  Minimal monitoring and alerts will be activate for non-production systems (DEV-QA-PreProd)

-  In-depth (full) monitoring will be activated for Production systems

-  Activation of Extractors for monitoring

-  Ensure Alerts Inbox messages are visible

-  Setup alerts and notification sent to Distribution lists

-  Additional PI interfaces to be monitored in PP and Prod.

-  Focus Insight Tactical Dashboard for systems

-  Configure Operations Dashboard

-  Configure OCC Dashboard

-  Empowerment on configured functionality


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