Job Description :

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer


4+ Months Contract

Successful Developer candidates will be working directly in and around the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform with a primary focus on building and testing solutions of varying degrees of complexity and scope while supporting concurrent project releases.

Responsibilities include building and implementing solutions, debugging and defining corrective actions. MC Dev candidates will be a key part of the team tasked with discovery of M&A customer requirements, assisting with and reviewing solutions proposals, scoping timelines and implementing those solutions, reviewing system requirements, and tracking metrics. MC Devs are expected to become technical subject matter experts within multiple specialized areas of the marketing cloud ecosystem we work in. Our MC Dev will be an on-call expert in their supported areas, deliver fixes and solutions in a swift & thorough manner, and call out areas of improvement across the team. Supported by both our Solution Architects as well as Design Experts, our MC Dev will work closely with our broader solution team to build, test, troubleshoot, bring live, design, implement, and evolve complex solutions supporting our global marketing & sales pipelines as well as other internal programs.

Must have proven marketing cloud experience.

Lead inter-team meetings on the technical and business challenges related to our migration focused M&A initiatives for email programs.

Understand and map Business Processes & Challenges into scalable, secure, comprehensive solution designs.

Design and then work with Solution Architects (SA) to implement and test solutions to our operational needs and challenges.

Build and follow complex BRD/FSD (Blueprints) that aligns to the as-is Salesforce Marketing Cloud solution, and overall system / integration environments at Salesforce.

Identify project issues / risks and present alternatives to alleviate or resolve.

Implement high-level overviews of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud architecture and integration capabilities.

Document solutions and engineering flowcharts with great attention to detail.

Approach every problem & scope item as an opportunity to broaden your expertise and skill set, ensuring that new developments, product changes, technical advancements are understood, and available to inform architecture delivery.

Required Skills/Experience:

Expert Knowledge in SMC with 2+ years direct experience in the platform with Enterprise size clients.

Expert Knowledge around Cloud Pages, Contact Builder, Data Extracts, Tracking and Reporting, Journey Builder, Automation Studio, SQL Query Activity, and Content Builder within SMC.

Ability to construct dynamic email by utilizing pre-existing html and css, or creating html / css from scratch.

Comfort with AMPscripted email frameworks controlled with code and not UI elements. You should have the following skills/abilities:

Understanding of html table structure, inline css, css styling for email to support dynamically changing elements of email based on data

URL concatenation, encoding, and link wrapping

Lookup / LookupRows / LookupOrderedRows

If/Else statements or iif statements

Properly structured LookupRows / RowCount / If @rowcount ? 0 statements required to avoid errors

Hide/show content blocks based on data.

Show specific content areas based on data.

Dynamically change css values to support dynamic designs

Use content ids to lookup and reference body copy to inject content into an html template.

For loops and nested for loops.

Proficient working with SQL specifically within Salesforce Marketing Cloud with an understanding of available tables and functions that work.

Highly proficient in Google Docs, MS Office Suite, Quip, Slack.

Highly efficient team player, with the ability to also work independently in a fast-paced, fluid environment.

Excellent strategic & technical thinking skills.

Highly organized and detail oriented.

Excellent written, verbal, and visual communication skills, able to present complex concepts effectively at both the tactical and strategic / executive levels.

Familiarity with Network Protocols and Services (DNS, HTTP, HTTPS), APIs (SMC, CRM, SOAP/REST), and object oriented programming concepts.

Familiarity with systems integrations such as CRM, Heroku, Content Management, or Web Analytics.


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