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EC:   Office of the Attorney General of Texas 
Title:  Senior Java Developer
Location:        Remote (Austin, TX)

Visa:  No H1B (GC/USC) preferred

MOI:  Skype

The client has specifiedminimum 10 years' experience in Java development using JEE and Spring. Thesuccessful candidate must have least that minimum requirement.



The successful candidate will perform advanced Java application development and Oracle database tasks for applications with complex technical stack, including producing data models, workflows, and reports. Candidate will assist the team in planning, designing, developing, maintaining, and monitoring the application. Candidate will work on activities including but not limited to application development, report creation, database object creation, database tuning, indexing, data modeling, prototyping, customizations, installations, troubleshooting, user management, security, and ensuring the confidentiality of the sensitive and business critical databases.


Responsibilities will include:

·         Work closely with Product owner and Project Management in prioritizing the assigned work and providing options/alternatives

·         Define and Develop high-level and low-level design documents

·         Development of the end-to-end application modules and database objects

·         Provide effective code reviews

·         Create unit testing and overall test strategy for the applications

·         Testing, troubleshooting and deployment of the application




·         10 years' expert in Java development using JEE, and Spring

·         8 years' expert in front-end development frameworks using Struts, JavaScript, and Spring MVC

·         8 years' expert in Oracle SQL, database object creation, and PL/SQL

·         8 years' expert in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for web services technology using one or more of Spring Web Services, SOAP and REST

·         6 years' experience with IBM WebSphere application server

·         5 years' project leadership and implementation

·         4 years' experience in reports development using Jasper Reports

·         4 years' experience in SQL query optimization using SQL profiling techniques like Oracle explain plan

·         4 years' experience in implementing and maintaining data security protocols for sensitive data & PII

·         4 years' Bachelors or advanced degree in a closely related field

·         3 years' experience in data modeling and normalization


·         3 years' experience in asynchronous processing through technologies like JMS or other messaging queues

·         3 years' experience in database design such as Queries, Cursors and Triggers

·         3 years' knowledge of Agile methodology


Kartik Sharma


IT Recruiter


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