Job Description :

Release Train Engineer
The Release Train Engineer (RTE) is a servant leader and coach for the Agile Release Train (ART). The RTE’s major responsibilities are to facilitate the ART events and processes and assist the teams in delivering value. RTEs communicate with stakeholders, escalate impediments, help manage risk, and drive relentless improvement. 

The Release Train Engineer (RTE) has primary purpose of supporting and coaching an Agile Release Train (ART) by steering it to success and navigating the complexity of delivering software in large, cross-functional environments. The RTE helps resolve and escalate impediments, manages risk, helps assure value delivery, and drives program level continuous improvement. The RTE is accountable for the overall planning, coordination, execution, and delivery of value through the program.
•    Facilitate the coordinated preparation and execution of release planning for the ART. This includes:
•    Manage and optimize the flow of value through the ART and Solution Train using various tools, such as the Program and Solution Kanbans and other information radiators 
•    Establish and communicate the annual calendars for Iterations and Program Increments (PIs) 
•    Facilitate PI Planning readiness by fostering a Continuous Exploration process which drives the synthesis of a Vision, a Roadmap, and Backlogs, and through Pre- and Post-PI Planning events 
•    Facilitate the PI planning event Summarize Team PI Objectives into Program PI Objectives (the RTE) and publish them for visibility and transparency
•    Facilitate periodic synchronization events, including the ART sync at the Essential Level and the Solution Train sync for Solution Trains 
•    Assist with economic decision-making by facilitating feature and capability estimation by teams and the roll-up to Epics, where necessary Coach leaders, teams, and Scrum Masters in Lean-Agile practices and mindsets 
•    Help manage risks and dependencies Escalate and track impediments
•    Provide input on resourcing to address critical bottlenecks 
•    Encourage collaboration between teams and System and Solution Architects/Engineering Work with Product and Solution Management, Product Owners, and other stakeholders to help ensure strategy and execution alignment Improve the flow of value through value streams by improving and assessing the practices associated with DevOps and Release on Demand in the Continuous Delivery Pipeline 
•    Help drive the Lean User Experience (UX) innovation cycle Work with the Agile Program Management Office (APMO) on program execution and operational excellence 
•    Understand and operate within Lean Budgets and ensure adherence to Guardrails 
•    Facilitate System Demos and Solution Demos Drive relentless improvement via Inspect and Adapt workshops; assess the agility level of the ART and Solution Train and help them improve
•    Foster Communities of Practice and the use of engineering and Built-In Quality practices

•    Working with the ART team who prioritizes the features to be considered in the next program increment (PI) planning cycle.
•    Facilitating the ART team’s refinement of features to be considered in the next PI planning cycle to meet the Feature Definition of Ready.
•    Assists the ART in communication and coordination with stakeholders and customers during feature definition and delivery.
•    Ensuring effective communication and coordination for and during quarterly planning.
•    Managing change to the ART’s PI plan and the impacts of those changes.
•    Drive cross team, ART, and departmental impediments, planning, collaboration, and coordination.
•    Provide regular and open communication across the program and stakeholders for transparency and awareness of progress and impediments.
•    Understand, visualize and manage upstream/downstream dependencies.
•    Drive delivery and continuous improvement by utilizing feedback and metrics (quality, delivery rate, etc.) to identify areas of opportunity.
•    Work across stakeholders and teams to continuously improve.
•    Ensure the overall cost, schedule, and performance of the program.
•    Analyze program budgets and estimates from participating organizations to provide direction for the overall development of all program budgets and integrated cost profiles.
•    Manage program level coordination, such as creating timelines, milestones, and cadence of increments and releases and oversee the development of reports and analyses that document program activity.
•    Lead project teams and provide and leadership; act as consultant/coach to management in resolving unusually difficult problems.
•    Participate with management and cross-functional teams as subject matter expert to develop and improve operating policies and procedures related to Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and be an advocate in adopting Agile and SAFe best practices and processes.
•    Act as a galvanizing force for sharing Agile and SAFe knowledge across the organization.
•    Constantly refine and stay current with emerging themes in larger Agile community.
•    Develop / modify processes, policies, and procedures to facilitate the working relationship between Global Technology and its business functions / partners.
•    Support the configuration of SAFe to the needs of the organization, standardizing and documenting practices.
•    Coach leaders, teams, and Scrum Masters in Lean-Agile practices and mindsets.
•    8-10 years progressive work related experience with demonstrated proficiency in multiple disciplines / technologies / processes related to the position as well as 3-5 years managing teams and / or significant complex projects.
•    Proven, prior experience as Release Train Engineer for long lived value streams and Products.
•    Demonstrated Release Train Engineer experience in organizing, planning and executing large-scale projects from conception through implementation. Experience coordinating multiple teams in a technology environment.
•    Demonstrated effective verbal and written communication skills for the purpose of providing and explaining technical and project related information to clients, vendors, senior management and staff.
•    Ability to easily build new relationships and proactively establish a variety of contacts across the organization.
•    Ability to work in multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural teams.
•    Proven ability to balance concurrent activities.
•    Strong knowledge and experience in software development in an Agile environment.
•    SAFe Certified Scrum Master (SSM) certification – REQUIRED.
•    SAFe Release Train Engineer (RTE) certification - REQUIRED.


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