Job Description :
Strong/Expert level proficiency in JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML5, CSS with knowledge of internals with minimum of 7 years of experience developing world class user interfaces.
Comprehensive understanding of Responsive Design Principles as well as familiarity with such layout techniques including Flexbox and CSS Grids. Knowledge of CSS libraries such as Styled Components and Styled System a huge plus.
Strong understanding of ReactJS and its core principles and at least one year of experience in building reapplications using React. Must be proficient in current React design patterns, such as the use of hooks as well as familiarity with React Router.
Strong experience in state management and design like Redux and Saga.
Experience and/or willingness to learn reactive/observable programming principles as team utilizes Rx.js.
Understanding of JavaScript Design patterns, transpilers and module bundlers. Knowledge and experience with Webpack 4 a huge plus as well as ability to learn upcoming Webpack 5.
Strong plus: Experience building/deploying server-side applications with Node.js / Express.js
Understanding of Object-oriented programming, asynchronous and functional programming.
Understanding of authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments.
Robust debugging skills and knowledge of automated testing platforms and unit tests. Heavy emphasis on React-specific testing tools such as Jest and Enzyme.
Knowledge of other JavaScript client-side frameworks like Angular and Vue.
Knowledge of data visualization libraries a huge plus, specifically D3.js
Experience in accessibility and Section 508 Compliance are a plus.
Ability to work in an Agile collaborative environment.
Strong analytical skills, problem solving aptitude and good communications skills. Must be willing to defend your positions and to poke holes in others’ positions.